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Started by Pelican, November 02, 2014, 09:55:18 AM

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Hi im new user here, i own a 7DII, i cannot wait for a ML version to release about this one..for this reason i want to help the team.
So, there is a way to donate ML team? I want to boost their works!!!
Ty for any answer i will get (i didn't read the whole threads sorry if i re-post something!!)


Yes. Home-->about-->donate.


Hi Guys/Gals

Got a 7Dii here and looking to help get the ball rolling.
It has been a few years but I do remember getting the 450d to respond to the boot flag switch when messing with CHDK so willing to give it a try here.
Currently learning C# as my first programming language although I understand ML is in C.
Any help would be appreciated.


Ok I have looked into this a bit more and it seems canon has added AES encryption to the loader and the firmware so will no longer work with dissect and decrypt.

From what I understand this key is not going to be disclosed by the group and so is going to be a non starter for anyone outside of the group who wants to decrypt the image to work on it.

I guess Pelican is on the inside of the group now as he has managed to decode it?

Any help would be appreciated.



Any updates? It seemed like some of you guys started toying with the new software a couple of weeks ago?


I wouldn't hold your breath for it.  ML development is extremely short-handed these days :/
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Unfortunately, nobody is working on the 7D2 ML (as I know).
Not even a firmware dumper is available.
We have only the updater file which contains a big part of the code, so if somebody want to do something he can start with that.
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Do you know any female ML developer?
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It's a little hard to determine gender on the www.

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I got my 7DII last week and had a chance to take take it for a spin over the weekend. It's a superb camera for stills - from the autofocus to the frame rates, to the 16000 native ISO! It's a great Camera! I slapped the Sigma 18-35 F1.8 Art on it and the images are beautiful.

The video capability though was disappointing. It is as bad as the h.264 video on the 5DMIII. But we all know that what Canon gives us is not what is really under the hood and I am willing to bet that Magic Lantern RAW on this camera will be as good as - if not better than - the 5DMIII. The 7DMII in my view is to the 5DMIII what the 50D was to the 5DMII - just a smaller version of the same camera. Video will truly shine on this camera once ML is running on it. Focus tracking especially is going to be really useful for RAW video.

For now I will continue to use the 50D as my RAW workhorse but I think ML RAW on the 7DMII will be a leap!


Any chance to get a 7DII version of the linux mod?


great times

Is it possible for the 7D mark ii to shoot 1080p at 120fps, or 4k 60? Just curious.




1080 120fps would be a dream for BMX footage. 4K would be a dream for clients, hahaha. RAW is a must have.


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Don't hold your breath...
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 :D thanx for new firmware man....


Hello guys I will sell my 70D because I was hoping more from Raw video and I think is not enough 1600x600 at 2.67:1 continue is the best resolution that I can use in my 70D but the question is wait for ML 7D2 or get a 5D2
and I would like to know how good is work those camara in high ISO? thanks

Walter Schulz

If there is no dev working on it do not hold your breath. Act like there will be no ML for your cam ever.


I am a new owner of a 7D2. One of my favorite things on the 6D port was the GPS hack. Unfortunately, the 7D2 is plagued by the same issue. If you don't turn it off; it continues sucking juice from the battery.

Focus peaking is another thing I love on the 6D build, and would love to see on the 7D2.