Canon 7D Mark II

Started by Pelican, November 02, 2014, 09:55:18 AM

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tiny status update ..

I have been programming in few weeks only with little progress. I was trying to get FPS override to run on the 7D2 but found it was pretty different from the other camera (due to multiple core,ICU,Omar) so I ended up hijacking the Marius/ICU engio_write function in such a way that it would play nice with fps-engio.c. That only worked somewhat and after crashing my camera too many times, I got bored and left the project for a week. On most occuations video stream would freezes and very seldom the camera would reboot, making the system  useless. Today I finally found a solution  :) : ONLY when enabling FPS override in Canons 60 fps mode and using "Exact FPS mode" then everything works a like a charm, so for now fps override will be limited to 60 fps using "Exact FPS mode".   

The last thing I need atm is getting the record button to play nicely with MLV, and when I can push the repo to public domain.

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Progress does not happen at a steady speed :)

I'm still documenting DMA and EDMAC stuff, got distracted by not having working tools for benchmarks.

I know you got DMA working directly, but did you ever have dma_memcpy() work on 7D2?  Or related functions, there's an async one for example.