Dont understand Lightroom and cr2hdr export.

Started by jafa, October 02, 2014, 11:06:50 AM

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Converted my duel iso raw MLV into DNG , import it into Lightroom then export it via the ML cr2hdr , and this is the bit I dont understand , I just seem to get the same DNG's renamed to duel iso , I thought it was suposed  to merge them .  .  . . .




Hi Danne , I watched your lightroom vid and tryed to follow it to the letter , but i dont get merged DNG's at the end just the same DNG's renamed to duel iso , I am on windows not a mac , dose this make difference , I have filtered through various different workflows on ML and to be honest not much of it seems to be making much sense in layman's terms , your vid and description seems to be the simplist one to follow but im still no achieving a result ...yet.


Hi jafa,

To help you, I need to know which version of plugin do you use ?

But if you use the new beta version of this plugin, the plugin doesn't make a copy of the file, so if you have a DNG file, cr2hdr overwrite this file so you don't have the original file after conversion.

Quote from: kichetof on September 13, 2014, 11:59:45 AM
Information about DNG file. If you convert a DNG, this file is overwritten by cr2hdr and moved with suffix by the plugin and original file kept in Lightroom (but file is missing).

And don't forget, only version 2.1 is a stable version.


Hi , I was using the beta version but have switched to the 2.1 but still having the same result ,
this is all happening probably cus im not sure what result im supposed to expect or maybe the exported DNG's are an supposed to be an exact copy of what I imported to LR ? , I was assuming that this program would merge the two low and high iso DNG's to give you one balanced DNG ?


Quote from: jafa on October 02, 2014, 04:27:32 PM
merge the two low and high iso DNG's to give you one balanced DNG ?
Wait, did you use "Dual ISO" or "HDR video"? These are two very different things.

Open an unconverted DNG in Lr and zoom in 100%. You should see interlaced bright and dark lines. Convert it and zoom in again, you should see no interlacing, and have very clean (no noise) shadows.

If you don't see interlaced lines, you didn't record dual ISO. cr2hdr and the Lr plugin are only for processing dual ISO, not "HDR video". "HDR video" alternates ISO every other frame, "Dual ISO" alternates ISO of every 2 lines within the same frame (interlacing).


Oh , im such a dumb ass  :o i was using the HDR not duel iso , now its enabled im making progress .
Thankyou dmilligan without your query god knows how long i would have been pondering this one.


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I am new to this sort of thing so please bear with me.

I have installed Ml iso on my 550D and that works fine. However when I try to use the Lightroom  plug in 2.1 nothing happens.  Have tried to drag image over the cr2hdr  icon out side lightroom and this goes through the conversion, I assume, and then the result vanishes.

Tried a vid and passed this through Windows Movi maker and got a good result but do not know if it di the conversion.

What should I do, are there any tutorials or written instructions please.

Tim }}:-(


You have to install the lightroom plugin and work within lightroom to make it work. You find the plugin when exporting selected dng files.

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 Hi Danne  I have loaded the plug in into Lightroom but even if I convert the rawfile out of the camera into DGN and then loadthat into light room ML does not seem to work.

The other problem is that no matter which way I use cr2dhr, either by dropping onto Cr2 on a single  file or the folder the results can not be found the same applies to cdraw.  Should I delete them all and start again?

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Hi all
Thank you for all your help and advice.  I seem to have cracked the converting of duel IoS stills now, but do not use lightroom. Using DxO version 8 seems to do the trick though some time I need the help of lightzone/Elements 10.  Will show some of the results shortly.

Am now trying to work out how to do it with Canon movi files.  Unfortunately my Dell 5010's graphic card preclude using DaVinci Resolve 11 lite and cannot be upgrade.  There has got to be a work round somewhere other than Movi maker.