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Started by budafilms, August 28, 2014, 12:01:39 PM

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I want to propose an ML tool before change a prime lense when you are filming. The idea is when you have mount a 24 mm lens, press a button or command to simulate the part of the imagen you could take if you put a 35, 50, 85 or 135 mm lens.

I don't have any skill to code. But I think with the degrees advertised for the lens manufactures, it's posible to set the most used sizes.

The advantage for this in my opinion are:

-Less time to calculate which lens it's better.
- Less time changing lenses - better lifetime of metal mounting.
- More accurate idea of which lens to use.
- Less dust into the sensor and lenses.
- Usefull for video and photo, H264 and RAW users.

The first question we can do about this is when you have a long mm lenses mounted. Well, you have less values to simulate ;)
And if you have a zoom, ok, zoom in :)



fiddling with that would be slow, and would clutter even more the small screen there. The only benefit would be for less dust and unnececeary changes, tough im my experiance, after a while you just now which lens is the right one.

If I'm unsure, I take my 28-300 lens, find the shot, and see the mm I need, but mostly this is a matter of experience, and one more thing on a screen to fiddle around would be distracting form the main setings the actual cinematography and performance.

and if you want to (no coding needed) you can create cropmarks that would do pretty much the same.
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That's why I recommend a button, like the zoom. Not a constant mark.
Yes, I thought about crop marks, but I don't have any skill coding.
Thanks for your opinion!