Author Topic: I'm adding black level override options to RAWMagic. What should they be?  (Read 2555 times)

Thomas Worth

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I'm going to add the ability to override the black level in the RAW/MLV file with a user-selectable one just in case the black level in the files are incorrect. I know different cameras use different black levels. Right now, the options are:

Autodetect - uses the black level in the RAW/MLV file
2048 - forces the black level to 2048
1024 - forces the black level to 1024

What other values should I use? Are there cameras that use black level values other than these? I only have access to a 5D Mk III and a 7D, so I haven't been able to test with all the Canons.


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Could offer common selectable values (like 1024/2048)/etc.) and allow for user input. This would provide for quick selection of known black levels and ability to input any value for unforeseen and creative circumstances ;)


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1792 should also be an option (50D)
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