Corrupted RAW picture files - MRAW 600D - Ver. 1.0.2-ml-vTL20.201

Started by Scipione205, July 09, 2014, 08:15:56 PM

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yesterday I did a hooting for two of my syster's friends. I have Canon 600D with ML on it.

CANON 600D - Firmware Ver. 1.0.2-ml-vTL20.201

Pic Quality: MRAW+LargeFine (othe rpeople handled my camera befor emy shooting and I didn't checked for that).

When I downloaded pictures from the CF card to PC, I discovered that there are 11 jpg files (all of those are ok, except 2 wich has got corrupted lines with magenta pixels), 111 CR2 files wich can't be opened either in UFRAW, either in PS CameraRaw (UFRaw and CameraRaw both latest verison), and also 169 DNG files (???).
Those DNG files can't be opened, except for the first two, wich appears to be the first two pictures I shot.

WTF ??

I need help because my reputation is in extreme danger...


first do a check with a hex-file-editor. (fi HxD) look into the corrupted files. are there informations in it or are there zeros?
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I checked some DNG and CR2 files with EMACS; i don't know the file specifications, but it appears to me that there are information in it; and the data seems to use a recurrent structure.



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when opening with UFRAW, if I try to open CR2 files the error messages sais :

Corrupt data near 0x341ab0

(the hex code changes for every file)

some CR2 files stills open after the error warning, showing something like a black picture with a roe on the right with a strange comrpessed pinky picture (or something like that).

Meanwhile, the DNG files (approx 3.8 MBs each) works, about 85% of them (some files appears a s a strange distorted pinky picture, like TV's noise).

However all the DNG files I opened seems to have a strange pattern of pixels overlayed, the same for every picture taken; pink or green points (not just pixels) and very much noise.

In the past I never saw nothing like that with standard RAW images (CR2s ), maybe when ML stores an mRAW picture in DNG it doesn't apply the Fixed Pattern Noise to it?



This feature is not present in ML, guess why ;)

You can try to upload a sample CR2, but I doubt I'll be able to get anything out of it (maybe the embedded JPEG). In any case, the reference docs I'll use are and dcraw/ufraw source codes.


what is not present? and why?

I'm sorry I can't be nice as usal (in the real life I joke everyone everytiomes) but this time I just screwed up a professional chance.

However as soon as I have time, I will take some DNG pictures with the same lens and exposure settings (at least I can read the EXIF data from corrupted CR2s) with the lens cap on it, and then I will try the Dark Frame feature of UFRAW

I hate digital... all hail film! (but clients doesn't want to spend...)


Quote from: Scipione205 on July 13, 2014, 09:55:09 PM
what is not present? and why?
The MRAW feature is not available in Magic Lantern. You are using a rogue fork (Tragic Lantern) that put dangerous features like this back in despite warnings from the core developers.

Why is it dangerous? Because things like the issue your reporting can happen if you use it.


geez, I didn't know I where using a fork... I remember that in the past I was looking for much control over H264 compression... however I never saw the mRAW function till some days ago (after this shooting), and my brother selected it accidentally (and consider that he uses full auto...)

I think that for this time I will try to take some dark frames with the lens cap, and try using ufraw and the mRAW DNG pictures..

However it is MY FAUGHT because every time prior to pull the trigger, I must check everything, as I do when I am in charge as a DP during filmmaking. I thought 'yeah, taking pictures of girls in studio is much easier!' - NOPE.