Anamorphic 4K test with Canon 5D mark III

Started by jgerstel, June 08, 2014, 07:20:49 PM

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How will Canon 5D hold against 4K UltraHD Video?

Watch this: Magic Lantern RAW video, 3K vs 4K vs 1080P vs Anamorphic test

Camera: Canon 5D mk iii
  Kowa 8z lens
  Canon 85mm lens

  • Anamorphic x2 settings: 1536x1290 24p

  • 3K cropped: 2880x1206 12p

  • 4K cropped: 3584x1320 12p

The Komputerbay 64GB card does not go beyond 112 MB/s (debug mode), this is why in 4K and 3K framarate has to be lowered.



Unfortunately my experience with KomputerBay cards was not that good, and I only bought them after hearing good things about them on this forum (I guess about half the time anyway).

My results with the KB 1000x 32GB 150MBps read/120 MBps write (stated) only proved to be 83MBps read/61Mbps (actual) write; purchased on Amazon (so could be fake? Maybe, I originally thought fake only on ebay, but later heard some fake on Amazon too).

These test were conducted on MBP USB 3.0 port and card reader and in camera itself with ML, with nearly exactly the same results (within tenths of a MBps).


I used the 1000x komputerbay. However quality differs, I have  3 cards 64GB and one of them has this good performance, others are slightly worse....