Light contamination from viewfinder!

Started by kihlbahkt, June 26, 2014, 01:56:00 AM

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I rarely use the viewfinder and to block light entering thru the viewfinder. I implemented a simple solution that is permanent until you don't want it. With paper and scissors one can cut a small strip of opaque paper large enough to fit snuggly when folded in half and placed in the removable eyepiece with the fold facing down. Simple and works. You can easily remove it anytime, if needed. This is a beginners hack of a Canon DSLR.[emoji12] No bootflag modifications needed.
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I've shined a torch through my viewfinder and still had no light contamination.

However, I guess you haven't realised that a light blocker for your viewfinder comes with canon cameras.
You should see a rubber square piece on your canon camera strap.
If you lift the viewfinder eyepiece off, this piece slides on and fits exactly to block all light.


I am aware of said rubber chunk on the strap but to use it full time requires that the eyepiece be removed. I will stick with my fancy paper
600D x2