Author Topic: Komputer Bay Card Error - computer cannot read.....would you like to initialize'  (Read 3206 times)


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Having tested the 128gb 1000x Komputerbay Card, I used it on a shoot this evening, all was fine and its w/s was consistent; didn't drop any frames. However as I dropped it onto my Mac the CF card reader 2.0 appears to have tripped the card and now a message reads:  'computer cannot read.....would you like to initialize'.

Is there anyway to retrieve the data/fix the card?

I have looked for this thread but couldn't find the answer anywhere but I apologize in advance if it does exist.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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I think there should be a large banner somewhere (or a sticky thread) saying:

Use only UDMA 7 enabled USB3 card readers with Komputerbay cards, to avoid any problems...  :D

Not sure if you can fix the card, but you might be able to recover data with one of those card recovery software. There are plenty around.
Can`t recommend any, since I never used one.


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rest your worry young one

return komputerbay

buy lexar 128gb 1066x

that is what I did

no more headache after, no frame drop at all at 1080p


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I had similar issue on my Komputer bay 64GB 1000x card, was testing a May nightly build witt it....had to return it for replacement. I didnt know it has to be used with UDMA 7 enabled USB3 card. Thanks for the info.


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I had exactly the simular problem. My card wasn't readable at any device. I guess the problem was, that the intern CF Card controller was broken. After some searching time in the web, I decided to send my card to They recovered all my data and send me a FTP-Access within 3 days.