The US Browser - My entry for the RODE Reel Contest

Started by RTLdan, May 31, 2014, 10:08:00 PM

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Hi Everyone!
I wanted to share my entry for the 2014 RODE Reel contest.

I shot this video entirely on a Canon 6D. Magic Lantern was used extensively for focus peaking, white balancing, finetuning the fps to a perfect 180 degree shutter, and most importantly using the spot meter and waveform to try to expose properly with my vintage manual lenses.

Lighting was two homebuilt CFL boxes and reflector, rotation shot used a homebuilt spidertrax dolly.

As always, please remember to watch in higher quality on youtube!

Video Description:
What if the Government had the NSA create a web browser?  US is a new web browsing experience that offers you all the same features you rely on in other browsers -- but also a whole lot more. US keeps you safe by watching your every move...and by any other means necessary. A comedy.

And here's the contest's required behind the scenes video, also shot on the 6D.

Thank you Magic Lantern!!