Author Topic: MLV RAW file [102GB in size] cannot be opened with MLRaw Viewer app.. HELP !!!  (Read 3367 times)


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Hi Folks,
     I just returned from a 14 day train trip with Roots On The Rails from LA>Chicago>Portland>LA using LA Rail Private Rail Cars.   We had 15 musicians including Phil & Dave Alvin, Jon Langford, John Doe and Terry Allen.
I filmed each of 40 performance using my Canon 5DMK3 and a Sound Devices 744T audio recorder. 
     I installed Magic Lantern nightly 3-30-2014 and had great results except for a couple of issues:
1) I used ExFat of my CF so I had files that were 60-110 GB in size.  Two of about 60 large MLV files would not open.  When I used the MLRawViewer, the app would just go blank without any controls showing.  Both files show 102GB and 10.83GB in size.  I don't know why the MLRawViewer is blank-black when I try to open the MLV files.  These are the only two files that ended up doing this.   QUESTION:  Is there anything that can be done to open or activate these files so I can view them.  They are of musicians performing on stage on the train in the concert car.
2)Does anyone know of a Sync device to sync the MLV Raw files converted to MOV ProRes in the MLRaw Viewer to 24 bit 192 sampling stereo audio I recorded off the SD744F recorder?  I have used Dual Eyes in the past but Dual Eyes will not sync ProRes files...    Thanks for your comments in advance. Sincerely,  Joe Ray Skrha


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Check out MLvMystic , it has lots of nice features and it might be more stable than MLRaw Viewer app
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Could you please raise a bug report in the MlRawViewer issue tracker. If you do that, there is a better possibility that your problem may be addressed. Thanks!