Author Topic: confusion over which ML to install onto 7D - alpha or night builds or stable re?  (Read 3017 times)


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hello there

I've been practicing using ML on my 7D, I initially just installed a ML 7D march 13 nightly release ( didn't really know what I was doing, I just put it on) which i found worked reasonably well, had a few glitches like it would quickly load the original canon firmware GUI now and then instead ML when pressed the trash button.

Anyway, before people start going off at me saying why don't you read the manual and all that jazz, but the fact is I look all through these forums/wikis and it must give great confusion to someone starting out to what actual ML firmware to put on your camera i.e what release alpha release, nightly, stable etc. Because someone tells you to install something in one thread and another person tells you install something in another, plus there is so many topics which one do I read.
Firstly to make things clear does Magic Lantern have a stable release for 7D? i can't find one if so, if i were to install it would I miss out on additional features that people have added in the alphas/nightlys, how do I combat this problem or simply what should i install? Everyone seems to be installing this Pelican's nightly build, should I install that?  can someone please shed some light that would be greatly appreciated. thanks matt

ted ramasola

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Its recommended you do the nightlies. Its not yet perfect but you can help in reporting bugs and issues.
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Walter Schulz

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No stable version for 7D.

Maybe there will come a day seeing a stable version. It will - I bet - the day before a nightly build will show up. Then you have to decide: Playing vanilla or going rogue with new/changed features. And this will be *your* decision. The only advice I can give is an obvious one: For production environments choose your version, build a workflow for it, verify workflow thoroughly(!) and don't change until production is finished. Or be prepared for some fun.

There is - at time of writing - only one ML version for 7D supported: The nightlies found in "Top of page -> Downloads -> Browse Nightly Builds". If you want to look into An announcement regarding the forking of Magic Lantern, and the support that can be provided for these forks on this forum. you will find background information.

And yes: It is difficult for beginners to tell valid information from outdated stuff.