Any electrical output available to synch to video frames?

Started by halley, May 05, 2014, 02:20:10 AM

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Not sure if this is a dev question, a feature request, or just a question that will result in a FAQ reply.

I'm interested in doing a timelapse video on a 6D, using the forced fps override video method.  However, I want to synchronize an external device to the frames being captured.  I can handle the external electronics, but I don't know if (1) the AV output or (2) the hotshoe contacts can be manipulated by Magic Lantern, so I know when the camera is about to capture another frame.

I found a Flickr image of the 11 pin AV output's pinout, but none of the labeled pins are an obvious frame sync signal.  I won't link to the image as forum software usually frowns on new posters giving URLs, but it's an easy search.


Use the intervalometer and silent pics. It'd be really easy to change the intervalometer code to flash the LED (you don't even need to actually change the core code, you can make a module that hooks the intervalometer cbr). Use an optocoupler to sync off of that. Alternatively you could send messages over USB PTP (that would obviously be more complicated).