Magenta Cast / r blacklevel fix doesn't work (aw2.0 / mkdk2)

Started by jens_s, April 28, 2014, 10:37:10 PM

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I've (I guess foolishly) used yesterdays nightly build on a small shoot today.

The .mlv's all got that pink/magenta color cast over them. I've read all the solutions to this on this forum but none of the fixes is working (I shall mention, that I'm working under OS X).

I do believe that the RAW data is intact, I graded some of the pink .DNGs and there seems to be proper color information in there. Just the outcome is weird. Also: playback on the camera does work with proper colors! (although its a little gray, like with a LOG profile)

I uploaded one of the MLV's:

Maybe someone finds a working solution on how to manipulate them to get the proper color out of them.

Also, here's a quick "graded" clip from another pink clip:

Thanks so much!


Hi there,

I have the same issue, heavy pink cast and lifted blacks on my mlvs
The color is ok when I play in camera.

I'm new to mlvrawviewer, I used to use raw and raw2dng

If someone has a solution! :)




You're not fixing it properly.  Go back and read the thread I linked.


Thanks! I'm sorry, but I just cannot get it right.

I converted the MLV using
mlv_dump --black-fix=1750 -o m28-1750.mlv M28-1702.MLV
and afterwards created the DNGs from that new MLV

I tried black levels 1024, 1600, 1650, 1700, 1750, 2048, but with each of those I get a green cast both in CameraRaw and in Resolve:

:S :S


I used exiftool on a DNG, produced from an older version of mlv_dump.

You can export the MLV to DNG, copy exiftool.exe to the same folder as the DNG's, and use this command line with exiftool.

exiftool -BlackLevel=1800 *.dng

Not sure what's going on with mlv_dump --black-fix setting.  I have made a post in the development thread.



i'm rather wondering, what reason is for the changes, why it happends.. have to read more in the dev-threads..
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