ERASED : Eos 7d : Focus Stacking step by step Tutorial for dummies like me

Started by ThLDQ, April 29, 2014, 09:03:21 PM

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Considering that my tutorial is nonsense for the developper of ML, I decided to erease it.
Sorry for the trouble.
Ps : For those who have got a smartphone, I recommend them to try the Helicon Remote Control application.


1. This forum is for Magic Lantern, not for Tragic Lantern.

2. If you have locked the end focus point, you should not worry about number of pictures in front or back. Just copy rack focus settings.

2a. You said there is no way to lock the focus point. It is - the help text from the menu will tell you to press Q to do that.

3. If you want to go the easy way (without an explicit end point), just set the number of pictures in front and/or back to some rough values. You can set just one or them or both. If you set both, the current point (here) will be in the middle.

3a. in front (of what) ? or behind (what) => the reference point is "here".

Tip: use the silent picture or the snap simulation option to test the focus range without wasting shutter actuations.

My recommendation: sit down and clear up your thoughts, then re-write the tutorial.


ThLDQ, thanks for taking you time to write up a tutorial.

However, as a1ex mentioned above, this forum is only for Magic Lantern, Tragic Lantern is not supported.  Thanks for your understanding.


I changed the subject, guessing that ML and TL have got the same Stack Focus menu.
I wrote this tutorial for dummies (like me). It is surely not the best Stack Focus procedure, but it works, and it's an introduction to Stack Focus even if it  does not correspond to what the developpers have in mind when they created ML (fixing the End Point before the the Start Point for example).
I have not yet understood what the rack Focus is, so I have not mentionned it.
I will try to improve it if I find a bettter procedure.


Walter Schulz

Quote from: ThLDQ on April 30, 2014, 09:49:30 AMI have not yet understood what the rack Focus is, so I have not mentionned it.
As said in the article it is a film production term. ML's implementation is able to change focus between two focus points according to your settings without additional gear attached to the lens. There are limitations, of course.
For use in macro: Choose start point, change focus point (hold SET pressed, use top wheel to change focus point) and you are almost there.



Quote from: ThLDQ on April 29, 2014, 09:03:21 PM
Please if you have a better procedure (and a complete one - for dummies like me), please, please, please tell us !

Step 0: focus on your subject
Step 1: open the Focus Stacking menu
Step 2: dial some numbers for Num. pics in front and/or behind, relative to what you have focused (use common sense)
Step 3: enable silent pictures, try to run the focus stack and fine-tune the settings as needed
Step 4: disable silent pictures and run the final focus stack with full-res pictures.


The defaults for the other settings should be a good starting point; if they are not, this should be reported as a bug.

P.S. If you keep refusing to understand that this forum is only for Magic Lantern, I'll move your post where it belongs and lock it.