Best cineform export setting in resolve

Started by arturochu, April 03, 2014, 07:49:59 AM

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Hi, i'm using resolve for windows to process my raw files, since i cannot export to apple pro res i like exporting to cineform, but cineform has many options that are not quite self explainable by their title, so my question is, what's the difference beetwen these cineform codecs?:

quicktime cineform RGB 16b
quicktime cineform YUV 10b

AVI cineform YUV 10b
AVI YUV 422 8b
AVI YUV 422 10b

wich one will mantain the most data of my raw files for further coloring?

thx in advance


Jake Segraves

QuickTime RGB 16b or AVI RGB 10b will be your best options for highest quality.

Jake Segraves
Technical Support Manager
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