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ted ramasola:
Guide to Installing ML on 5D mkII for shooting with MLV Raw Video with Sound
As of March 27, 2014.

---NOTE: content for this post still being updated-----

A.)-What You Need
1. Your 5D2 Camera
2. Computer
3. Connection to the internet for downloading needed firmware and apps
4. CF Card, 1000X recommended for Raw video.
5. USB Card Reader, USB3.0 UDMA7 Compliant recommended.
Note#1 on Using USB Card Reader
Some CF cards like the affordable KomputerBay 64gig 1000X and higher, are known to become corrupted and is not compatible with card readers that are USB2.0.
Use USB3.0 UDMA7 compatible readers.

D.)- Installing ML on Your Camera

1) Format the card from the camera.
2) Make sure you are running Canon firmware 2.1.2.
3) Copy ML files on the card and run Firmware Update.

1) Run Firmware Update from your ML card.
2) Follow the instructions.

E.)-Updating from ML Nightly Builds
1. With your CF card in your Card reader, copy the latest Nightly Build file you have unzipped earlier to your CF card, you will have 2 files, ML folder and Autoexec.bin. Copy both over the old ones. (No need to include the .fir file)
2. Place CF back into Camera, Turn ON, press live view, press trash bin icon to bring up ML menu, if you see the Magic Lantern info screen, just press trash bin again, you can navigate this menu via joystick(multicontroller), control dials, set button and the picture style button to access sub menus in ML.
Note#5  Accessing sub menus when in ML menu.
Pressing the Picture Style is same as Q button on other models.

F.)-Load Modules You Need
1.  With Camera ON and in Liveview, press Trash Bin to bring up ML menu,
2. Using the joystick or the front scroll wheel navigate to the MODULES Tab, then using the joystick or the rear dial/scroll wheel select the following mdules by pressing SET. You will see an ON,WILL LOAD.
    For Raw Video recording: (essentials)
   raw_rec (this is version one of raw and should not be used together with mlv_rec, choose one)
   For advanced stills shooting:(see relevant stills threads as I'll focus more on video shooting)
3. Reboot your camera, when ON, go back to ML menu and confirm in the Modules Tab the Modules you loaded, they will now have an OK beside them.
Later on, when you have learned more about ML, you can load and unload additional modules this way.
Note#6 Some Modules you have Loaded Still Need to be Turned ON
After you have confirmed in the Modules Tab, Modules like MLV Sound( and MLV Raw Video( has to be toggled on in the respective Raw Video and Sound Tabs. See Recommended settings part G/2, below.

G.)-Recommended Setting for your Camera (Shooting with MLV+Sound)

1. Canon Menu:
  -1st Cam Tab
   Peripheral illum.correct > disable
  -2nd Cam Tab
   color space > adobe rgb
  -2nd Play Tab   
    highlight alert > disable
    image jump > 1 image
  -1st Wrench Tab
   Auto power Off >OFF (or  8 min or 15 min depending on CF card/ 8min-32 gig /15min-64gig)
  -2nd Wrench TAB
   Liveview func/movie set> LV func.setting > Stills+movie / Screen setting > movie display
   Set correct Date and Time
  -Cfn I   
    Exposure > iso expansion > ON
  -Cfn II
   Hi ISO speed noise reduction> Disable
   Highlight tone priority> Disable
   Auto lighting optimizer> Disable

2. Magic Lantern Menu:
  -Audio Tab
   MLV Sound>ON  48khz default
   (pressing pic style then top scroll wheel will let you choose 48/44.1/22/11/8 khz)
   Headphone Mon.>ON (If you need monitoring use av cable with rca to phone jack adapter or a sesscom cable)
Note#7 MLV Sound
When MLV Sound is ON, a separate WAV file is generated at the framerate determined by your FPS setting in Canon Menu.
When FPS Override is used, only the framerate of raw video is affected, the WAV file will remain either 24fps or 30fps depending on the FPS setting in canon menu.
It is not possible to playback mlv sound in-camera.

  -Overlay Tab
   Global Draw.ON (this is the main "switch" for GD, there is another one in raw video sub menu)
   I recommend to turn OFF all other entries when shooting raw.

  -Movie Tab
   FPS override>23.976 (optimize for Exact FPS) This is necessary if you will shoot in Crop mode (link)
Note#8 FPS Over ride uses.
When recording in 3X crop mode, the default framerate is 30fps regardless of your setting in canon menu,
so activate FPS Override and set to 23.976 or 25, or 24 depending on your use.
It is important that you set this OFF when you want sound to be recorded when using native h264 mov.
Your hint is the absence of the audio meters when this is engaged.
In MLV RAW, a separate WAV file is recorded even if FPS override is used. See Audio Tab Note#7 above.
   Raw video (MLV)>ON (after pressing set to turn ON press  pic styles for more options)
   >Raw Video(MLV) sub menu
   Resolution>1728x972 (see table of what is currently continuous at different settings)
   Aspect Ratio>16:9 (see table of what is currently continuous at different settings)
   Global Draw>ALLOW
   Frame Skipping>OFF
   Status when recording>Icon
   Extra Hacks>ON
   Fix Black level>OFF (turning this ON will give a pinkish shade to your raw frames-as of May15 nightly)
   Leave others at default until you have familiarized yourself shooting ML.
   >Movie Tweaks Sub Menu (these usually paertain to h264 recording)
   Movie Restart>ON (allows you unsupervised continuous recording in h264, when the 4gig limit is reached, recording restarts again, there is a 1second gap)

  -Display Tab
   LV DIGIC Peaking>Slightly sharper (Use this instead of the old peaking method, faster, more accurate)
   Advanced Settings Sub menu
   >Screen Layout>4:3 display,auto

  -Modules Tab
   See Part F.

  -Prefs Tab
   Config files sub menu
   >Config Autosave>ON
   Warnings for bad settings sub menu
   >Mode warning>other than M (warns you if you move the dial from Manual)

  -Debug Tab
   Modules debug sub menu
   >Load modules after crash>ON

After making these recommended settings, its advisable to do a camera reboot so ML can save the settings before beginning to shoot.

H.)-Shooting Raw in 1X mode or Normal mode
1. The SET button starts and stops recording for both raw video and h264.
2. Shooting in 30P is possible when set in Canon menu but only short record times is possible for bigger resolutions. (see table of what is currently continuous at different settings)
Tip: Since picture profiles have no burned in effect in RAW video recording, I increase sharpness in my pic styles to aid in focusing, in addition to using DIGIC Peaking.

I.)-Shooting Raw in 3X Crop mode
1. To activate 3X crop mode press magnify button once (5X), pressing it twice(10X) has no effect and is useful for checking focus only. So, to be clear, its not 5x crop mode, its 3X crop mode using 5X magnify.
2. After pressing magnify button, go to ML menu>Raw Video sub menu. You can now select resolutions higher than 18xx.  Highest is 2144x1076  16:9 but only for a few seconds.
(see table of what is currently continuous at different settings)
3. Activate FPS Override as the camera defaults to 30P in crop mode even if 24P is selected in canon menu.
In some higher resolutions or slow cards it might be necessary to use slower  FPS to achieve longer record times.
4. Viewing and framing in crop mode is challenging. There are different option in RAW Video sub menu>preview> (Auto/Canon/ML Grayscale) Default is AUTO
Canon-Gives you the "normal" Canon 5X magnification, real time color feedback but inaccurate framing.
ML Grayscale-Gives you proper near accurate framing but grayscale/low resolution/slow feed back.
5. Color viewing and slightly better preview is available for crop mode by half pressing the shutter.  You can turn ON Sticky half Shutter in ML Menu>Prefs>Misc key settings>Sticky HalfShutter>ON.
BUT this conflicts with the SET button for start and stop of recording. Workaround is, Start recording/half press to view in color, when your about to stop half press again to disengage half shutter/Stop Recording.
J.)-Viewing your Raw Files In-Camera
1. In ML Menu, go to DEBUG TAB, scroll down to FILE MANAGER,press SET,Navigate to the DCIM folder of your CF card, click SET, find and select the file you want to view.
2. Choose VIEW to playback file.
3. Press Trash Bin to activate playback controls and options. Use Scroll Dial to select option and press SET.
Note#9 Files you will expect to find in your CF Card when shooting RAW.
xxx-xxxx.MLV - Raw File containing both DNG and WAV.
xxx-xxxx.Mxx - Part of the MLV file generated if recording exceeds 4gig.
xxx-xxxx.IDX - file generated after you viewed an MLV or an Mxx file in file manager.
MLV_REC.TMP - preallocation file created when you RESERVE CARD SPACE>ON in the RAW Video submenu.
xxx-xxxx.RAW - Raw file ver.1 containing DNG frames (no audio)
xxx-xxxx.Rxx - Part of the RAW file generated if recording exceeds 4gig.
xxx-xxxx.MOV - h264 Video file
xxx-xxxx.THM - Thumbnail of the MOV file.
Note#10 Native H264 mov or JPG files cannot be played back via file manager viewer.
To View native H264 MOV or JPG Stills make sure that RAW Video(MLV) is OFF in ml menu MOVIE TAB.
Use Play Button to view MOV files.

K.)-Extracting your DNGs and WAV files.
   For converting MLV files to 12bit or 16bit CDNG:
   For converting MLV Files to 14bit DNG:;topicseen#msg98334
   For converting RAW files to CDNG:

L.)-Editing the DNG/CDNG & WAV files.

Da Vinci Resolve 10 Lite (Free Application for grading and simple editing) :

More discussions on Post Workflow here:

---NOTE: content for this post is constantly being updated-----

I'll compile a simplified installer later today, so you'll be able to install directly from nightly builds.

ted ramasola:
Resolutions and record times the 5D mkII can do with Magic Lantern using a Komputerbay 64gig 1000X CF card.

MLV raw recordings are all done with mlv sound ON unless indicated.

Tested using Mar 14-15 Nightly.

For 25P recording via 30P+fps override. tested using mar 27 nightly.

ted ramasola:
----This Post will contain links to turorials-----

---NOTE: content for this post still being updated-----

Tutorial video from reddeercity (David Miazga).

So, no more post from a.d? Is this the official no more 1880 and potentially no more 1872? Does this mean we will go to solely MLV format? Thanks for your response.


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