Author Topic: Which magic lantern should I download? Also, its showing "MLV and not "PS". HELP  (Read 1323 times)


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Hey, guys. Well, I have a question. Is there another download for magic lantern thats not in "experiments"? I have been trying to look, but I cant find anything. Also, which one would you recommend?

I have been messing with my magic lantern for a couple weeks now, but I cannot tell the difference at all. Every time I shoot, the footage comes back with a dark brownish tint. Even if I switch the white balance.

When I also shoot, its says "MLV" now and it use to say "PS" which made it a bit easier to use other converters. :/ THoughts?

In addition, I wanted to ask if anyone knows how to "de-strech" in davinci resolve when I shooting 60fps. Of course the footage is stretched, but I wanted a nice smooth slow motion. THis is what the guy said "canon menu to 720p 60 – this will enable you to record 1080 x 648 at 60p in 10bit RAW! But you need to de-stretch the footage vertically in post by 1.667"

I use MLV to movie for my footage, and dont know if thats the right converter to use or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am also using IOS system, davinci resolve and premiere pro. Step by step would help out so much, guys. Thanks for checking