Author Topic: t2i with ML for stills and video with a little Vixia HV30 thrown in  (Read 2095 times)


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So here's a video I made on my well used and trusty t2i.  It took me 3 weeks, 10,000 stills, and 2 terabytes of video.  My first foray into production was film scoring, I wrote jingles for commercials.  Seeing the similarity of video editors vs music editors I bought a camera (t2i) and started playing with it.  And now I sorta do it all, from conception to distribution.  I've been a lurker within these ML forums for the last 2 years. 

It's not overly fancy with crazy effects.  Just a solid message and presentation.  Clients were happy.  And ML made the whole acquisition process much more trustworthy.  It's strange that I don't find more people in the wild with ML.  I see dudes at fashion shows with way fancier cameras than me and I'm always surprised they don't exploit every nook and cranny of their gear.  And frankly I don't think their shots are really as great as they ought to be. 

It's obvious to my eyes which camera was used where.  I'm sure y'all will see the same.  But the Vixia is just really useful for those quick acquisitions, "There's the animal!! It's running away!!" ;)  I cleaned out about a 1/16th cup of sand between my computer and cameras when I returned home. 

Anyway, thanks for watching and enjoy