Lexar 64Gb 1066x CF card arrived today

Started by mixmastermike, February 19, 2014, 11:12:25 PM

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Ordered one of these to see if I could do 1080 30p, initial tests seem to say no, below are the benchmarks.

To compare, my Lexar 128GB 1000x

Will do more testing after work tomorrow, I haven't done much ML stuff in a while, been using 1080 24p and been working flawlessly on an old build.



Can someone who has a Lexar 64GB 1066x CF please reply with how its working. Does it record full 1920*1080 24fps without problems? (Feel free to add on info for 25/30/50/60 if you have any) I've been watching the forums for info on this specific card, it is usually mentioned with the recent sales but no one is commenting on its performance.


I have two Lexar 64gb 1066x CF cards and they work great. 25fps continuous recording and 50fps 1920 for 10 seconds.


I have bought a Lexar 1066x 16 gb, which goes up to max 69 Mb/s write speed - don't hold up for 1080p25 Raw. Very poor customer service as well - don't buy. >:( >:( >:( >:(


I also at the same time bought a Sandisk Extrem Pro 160 Mb/s - which works great!


There is a Benchmark option. What does it show for the 5 min test?
I have a 128 GB 1000x and the maximum is 85 MB/s. But it is sold as 145 MB/s!?


I just got my 128gb Lexar 1066X card and it's the fastest card I own, besting the 64gb 1000X Lexar and Komputerbay cards. Knocks the pants off my 128gb 1000X Transcend card too.


what benchmarks your 128gb in 1080p movie?
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There is a menu item "Benchmarks" which checks the speed for different block sizes. Maximum is 85 MB/s with 4096K Blocks. In 1080p there are sometimes dropped frames, so I asked for speed comparison.


I want to change my statement (written in some affect): I was later contacted by Lexar support that surprisingly said they will replace the card (which the woman in the support chat denied).

However today I bought a SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-II SD Card with speed 280 MB/S. The measured speed is max 18 MB/S in two computers and in camera. I understand that there is a limitation in SD bus in the camera (at 90 MB/S, I think I read somewhere).

Is there anyone who has tried the SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-II SD Card 280 MB/S? Any ideas?

Walter Schulz

This card is a complete waste of money.
As of today not a single camera supports UHS-II.
If you tried the card to run in 5D3 (you haven't mentioned which cam you're using) you will be bottlenecked to about 21 MByte/s (write). There is no Canon camera (supporting ML) which will go above 41 MByte/s (write) because Canon decided to go with slow interfaces. Disclaimer: No data available for 7DII's SD card interface.

You need an UHS-II compatible cardreader and USB 3.0 (or Thunderbolt interface) if you want faster transfer speeds from/to your computer with this card.



But any way - shouldn't the speed exceed 18 MB/S in a regular reader in a computer? I have four or five times the speed usually!

I used the card in 5D3. BTW I think a7s have support, but that's another story.

Walter Schulz

As I said: Complete waste of money, therefore almost no data available. Why would anybody want to use such a high-priced card? As of today no device (apart from readers) will support UHS-II. (Not sure about a7s.)

Therefore: You're pioneer in unfamiliar area here. I have not a clue why the card seems to be such a failure with your equipment.

EDIT: Found some test data for this card. Seems to need an UHS-II reader to run well. Maximum speed using UHS-I compatible readers was limited to about 45 MByte/s. And some new cams are in fact UHS-II compatible: FujiFilm X-T1, Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4