Author Topic: EOS-M on Power-Adapter: Battery always switched off before opening card door  (Read 3572 times)


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i have an eos-m and an Adapter for power supply to replace the battery. This just enables infinite operation of the camera (good for stargazing)
But you can not open the card door before disconnecting the power plug which connects thru the small hole behind the lid of the card door.

Therefore the given Recommendation ist totally cumbersome :
> " After opening the card door, always wait for LED confirmation (or for 5 seconds) before removing the card, even if your camera is turned off!!!
>  Right after opening the card door, Canon firmware accesses the card without turning on the LED (yes, with the main switch turned off). If you
>  remove the card too early, the camera will freeze and will drain the battery, or even cause permanent damage! You will be running random code
> (remember you are loading executable code from the card), and we can't do anything about it without reflashing Canon firmware with our own
> code.
Any suggestions to solve the problem without additional hardware e.g. any chance to shutdown the camera before disconnecting ??
If not presently available any suggestions of estimate about feasibility how to change the software to make it mor suitable to this situation ??


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If there is no power, because you have disconnected the external power cord, the firmware will not write to the card or do anything else when opening the card (and battery) door. The camera electronics needs power to work. So don't worry. It's the same as opening or closing the door with no battery at all, nothing happens.