how to patch firmware files when building v2.3 from sources?

Started by ludenus, August 12, 2012, 02:37:55 PM

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new here

I've been trying  to build v.2.3 from sources following these instructions . After just a few manipulations "make" and "make zip" succeeded and I've got zip archive with autoexec and ML folder. The sad thing was that zip package had no *.fir files inside. I've tried to run "make fir" but got the following error message:

python: can't open file '../../../dumper/': [Errno 2] No such file or directory

Grepping sources finds several lines that use script for patching firmware:

./installer/50D.109/Makefile: python ../../../dumper/ -r ../../../dumper/50D00109.FIR updater.bin $(UPDATE_NAME)

but there is  no script in magic-lantern sources fetched from hg repository.

Can someone please clarify whether it is possible to patch firmware and if it is - how to do it?


Had the same problem. Used the *.fir from the last release and copied all of them on the root of the SD.
I also had to move the FONT.dat file to the root of the SD.