CMOS/ADTG/Digic register investigation on ISO

Started by a1ex, January 10, 2014, 12:11:01 PM

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Okay, thanks for the correction!  So the symptoms are real, but the wild guesses at causes are just that :)

This may fix the problem:
Works okay in qemu, I don't own 5D2 so I can't test further than that.  Try at your own risk.  It's a small change though so I'd expect it to work.

I applied this fix to iso-research branch and rebuilt:

Why are there so many branches? :(

Walter Schulz

Looks good. Shuts down and restarts without issues.


Great, thanks for testing.  Bug introduced only in lua_fix and iso-research in 2019, fixed in 2020 in lua_fix but not ported across.


Quote from: names_are_hard on July 21, 2023, 03:12:48 AM
I've never seen anyone call a build "bricked" before.  Hard to imagine what that would mean.

The post you reference is from 2012, with the user not using this build at all, so I don't think it's relevant.  No, having both LEDs lit doesn't mean the processor is locked up and heating rapidly.

I see no evidence that this is damaging cameras, do you have something specific?  It's explained that ML can crash and temporarily lock up your cam, and that you should remove the battery if this happens.

Thanks for the new build names_are_hard, and thanks Walter for confirming issue! You carry a lot of legitimacy, and with that, a lot less resistance to your words.

My apologies for using weird terminology (i understand "bricked" is a specific hardware term and it might not apply here). I was corroborating the 2 posts above my post which say the same thing, hoping if enough of us bump thread something maybe happens (even though i dislike saying that because it places expectation on others, but im not good at coding). Also sorry i should have specified i was talking about last iso-build, i said that nowhere and just assumed other will be able to guess, that was not ideal of me.. if i had to rewrite that post there's a lot i could change to make it clearer.


No problem, phrasing was just a bit confusing :)

Did you test my fixed build?  And, why are you using this slightly weird iso-research build anyway?


Quote from: names_are_hard on July 23, 2023, 01:35:40 PM
No problem, phrasing was just a bit confusing :)

Did you test my fixed build?

Yes sir, works a treat.
Quote from: names_are_hard on July 23, 2023, 01:35:40 PMAnd, why are you using this slightly weird iso-research build anyway?
I wanted to play with the ISO registers and see if i can get any more DR out of this camera, and that was the latest build on the site (what other could i have used?) . I also tried looking for some older ones within the thread but all that i found using search seem expired (404)..


Cool, works for two people, better confidence.

Sounds like you're using the build for the right purpose - we get people who end up on some random build due to strange search results or whatever, just wanted to check.  Good luck, and let us know if you find anything interesting!


Ah i see :) Will do, and thank you for the help! 


Please report here if you find anything interesting :) I love 5D2