Canon 5D Mark III

Started by a1ex, June 14, 2012, 04:45:09 PM

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ML will work on 5D Mark III. Right now it's in very early stage - the early testers reported it as almost unusable.


I hugely look forward to this as an old user (and donator) when I had the 60D I found the software outstanding... now months on I'm getting the 5DIII and really look forward to getting ML back.


We may have a early beta for 5D3 in one or two months, so stay tuned.


Hi all

just wanted to say how amazing yours projects are.
I have been working on semi-professional cameras, now owner of a mark III, I have to say that I am stunned with the quality (blacks are real nice) but stil, what a lack of features.

!!Please develop the Mark III software!!

Seriously that is some sick updates, I NEED the Magnification and Zebras, so usefull.

Thanks for your time again, I hope to get news as soon as you guys can reach an early stage of development.



The only way to get it quicker is to help us buy a 5D Mark III ;)


Done ;)

Well sort of despite only having a 5D III so cannot use Magic Lantern I am a long time supporter (I donated back when I had the 60D), now if only another 199 or so would do the same you'd have a shiny new body in your hands and we'll all have ML on our cameras.

Come on guys dig in and get it sorted!


Can someone with a 5d3 please send me a ROM dump from 0xFF0C0000 - 0xFFFF0000 of firmware v1.1.3?


coutts, if you (or anyone else) explain me (or send me a link of) how to do it, i'll send it pretty soon! :D
I tried to find a clue of how to do it, but I got lost with all I found.

- regards from Brazil!


I'll prepare you a test binary.



Having been using ML on a 550d for yonks, and just upgraded to a 5DM3, I keep finding myself think wtf... where's the functionality gone... oh yeah no ML.... Can't wait for this to be ready


If you need anything else please feel free to ask - did you get the ROM dump?  If not then tell me how and I'll do one for you.


I am willing to contribute $200 by Paypal in buying a Canon 5D Mark III. This way if only 20 of us chip in, we can all lay our hands on a working copy of ML faster.

What do the others think.


Cheers vijaymukhi712 - that will have made a decent dent in the needed funds (or will when you donate) - I wish I had the spare cash to stump up that kind of money but if everyone puts in whatever they can afford I think we can get there pretty quickly.


I just used Paypal to make a contribution of $50 + $150 to Magic Lantern.

I would like to place on record that I am not doing anyone a favor, Alex and his team at ML are doing all of us a favor by allowing us to do with our Canon cameras what Canon does not want us to do. I do not understand why it is only in the camera ecosystem where everything is so closed. I also do not understand why the camera companies are not learning from the Computer/Mobile world on opening up their systems.

I may never use ML to take professional photographs, for me what is most important is using ML to understand the internals of a camera. DryOS brings back the good old days of MS-DOS which allowed you to get into the internals of computers. That makes me very old.

I live in Mumbai , India and if Alex and his ML team are ever in this part of the world, it would be an honor for me to buy them lunch or dinner at place of their choice.

Vijay Mukhi


That is very kind, thank you Vijay - thats us all a step closer and I'm sure Alex and the team don't mind getting a shiny camera either ;)

I know what you mean about camera companies learning, for years now I've said that they should take a long hard look at what they are doing here and integrate the features into their cameras - well apart from audio graphs which they have nicked - imagine if they did what the normal chap(ess) on the street could do and it would put them miles ahead of the competition instead of stagnating it.


JohnN , just my point.

I have written code in ObjectiveC for the iPad/iPhone and Java for the Android to enhance their photography features. It simply takes too long and takes a lot of effort. Just not worth it. These phones are not optimized for programmers using the camera.  I can do much more using LUA and the CHDK.

Nearly all the photographers that I meet in india and I meet a lot of them do not believe that technology can play a big role in what they do. They see their role in just being creative and they want no part either in post production like Photoshop or in the printing process. In fact a lot of advice that I read on the Net applies to film and not digital.

The Phone ecosystem of writing Apps did not exist till Apple allowed us to extend the phone and see what it did for Apples fortunes . When will the camera companies wake up and create a ecosystem that allows all of us to extend the cameras. I am surprised that the success of CHDK and ML has not opened their eyes.

By the way, most of the top 10 cameras companies are Japanese.


Hi guys
is there a specific link for 5d mark iii donation?

I'm willing to donate more euros for that  ;)



We just have one general donation option. The poll in the download section says 1/3rd of the community wants a 5Dmk3 port so we are determined to get one to develop on.


I have a 5DM3 and would loooooove to have ML!

I'm willing to help with ANYTHING.


I just read here that Alex has a 5D3 (here: - is this true?

I hope so - btw Alex - great camera isn't it :)


Yes, the camera should be on its way as we speak
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Quote from: nanomad on August 21, 2012, 12:42:49 PM
Yes, the camera should be on its way as we speak

The most frequently asked question in the Canon Rumors forum is "When will the 5d3 port be ready" and some people stated it won't be long, even that the first version will be out in October...

... can anyone please give some prediction about how long the port will take, or alternatively just make it clear that it'll be released when it's ready and any other statement is pure guesswork?


Quote from: Marsu42 on August 23, 2012, 01:19:31 AM
or alternatively just make it clear that it'll be released when it's ready and any other statement is pure guesswork?

That would be the answer right there. ML developments comes in leaps and steps. No one will be able to tell you how many leaps and how many steps until a stable 5d3 port until they have already taken those leaps and steps.


My 5D Mark III arrived today :)