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Canon 5D Mark III

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ML will work on 5D Mark III. Right now it's in very early stage - the early testers reported it as almost unusable.

I hugely look forward to this as an old user (and donator) when I had the 60D I found the software outstanding... now months on I'm getting the 5DIII and really look forward to getting ML back.

We may have a early beta for 5D3 in one or two months, so stay tuned.

Hi all

just wanted to say how amazing yours projects are.
I have been working on semi-professional cameras, now owner of a mark III, I have to say that I am stunned with the quality (blacks are real nice) but stil, what a lack of features.

!!Please develop the Mark III software!!

Seriously that is some sick updates, I NEED the Magnification and Zebras, so usefull.

Thanks for your time again, I hope to get news as soon as you guys can reach an early stage of development.


The only way to get it quicker is to help us buy a 5D Mark III ;)


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