Where is that long list of registers?

Started by ItsMeLenny, January 16, 2014, 07:10:30 AM

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Where is that long list of registers that are in hex or something and the known ones say what they do yet it still lists the unknown ones?
Hopefully somebody knows what I'm talking about :P


Ah thanks! I think it was the 2nd one I was thinking about actually. But I'll check out all of them.
I was on that wiki yesterday and I swear I clicked on every page.

(Edit: In fact, that last one might be what I was after :P)

(Edit2: Putting this in here because this was what I was looking for I think, and it's a bit of a maze to get to http://magiclantern.wikia.com/wiki/Register_Map/Brute_Force/C0F0Fxxx )