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Raw Video / Re: Raw video on 5DMK2
« Last post by Karmaschinken on Yesterday at 09:50:19 PM »
Hello nice girls and guys. Wow, what an old thread this has become. I was once among the first who bought a 5D2 and followed the way of ML when the RAW version was released once. Then for years I did not use my 5D2 at all.

Now due to Corona I have to somehow step back into my old business and was wondering, if the RAW filming with the 5D2 has progressed.

Actually I can't find a clear description of what can be achieved with the 5D2 now. So could someone please help me:

I want to shoot 5 or 6 seconds of RAW footage with the highest possible resolution. I don't care so much about fps but resolution is important. So is there a way to make my good old 5D2 record in FullHD at say 20 fps or so? Or even better? I tried, but did not succeed. However I read that ML is capable of that?

Thanks! Martin
Righto. Thanks. That's hardcore! I'd better learn me some functions math.  :P
Ah, thanks! I see now. But if you don't know maths, there is no label to understand what has been selected.  ???
There can't be any label, because this feature exists to tweak the formula. You can freely define your transfer function, instead of nearly all other applications - so there can't be a default name for all possibilities of functions - the list is endless.
Ah, thanks! I see now. But if you don't know maths, there is no label to understand what has been selected.  ???

I see the tags now in ProRes export ffmpeg Anatolyi. But whatever preset/space/gamma is exported it just writes default 1-1-1 tags. Maybe this is mac only?
Look on your screenshot. Select preset from the first combo. Then you'll get the expression for it. The old menu is gone.
Oh. Not sure what you mean exactly. How do I restore the 'old' preset values dropdown? I can't write math expressions!
Nope. That changed since 1.11. Transfer function now can be defined as you like. With that you can have any transfer function, and not the few predefined ones. Use the preset combo to get the old predefined options as math expression.
The 'Transfer Function' is just raw text code. I can't select anything here. Shouldn't it be a dropdown selector?
What error do you mean? I don't see any...
Reverse Engineering / Re: Reverse Engineering Picture Styles
« Last post by Nigel95 on Yesterday at 02:58:00 PM »
I'm afraid as we've pulled apart the files, there isn't anything which can capture more dynamic range than the stock Neutral profile already does with its true bare-bones matrix. What you're seeing in those boosted styles is not more dynamic range but simply a reallocation of the range, typically brightening shadows up (hence why you're seeing more noise) at the expense of cramming the mid tones further together. There's actually a good example of this type of 'expansion' much earlier in the thread. If you look on page 5 you'll find Danne trying to work out a more linear DCP profile and thinking they may have seen more dynamic range (but to their credit, acknowledging they may have been imaging it) and dfort following up a few replies further down pointing out that after careful inspection there wasn't more range, it's just that the peak brightness was a little lower so it made the same detail look slightly better-defined. What you're getting with your noisier Cinetech profile is the same thing at the opposite end of the scale, as I said before; the same range, just gaining definition in one area at the cost of definition in another.

Canon's own plain ol' Neutral is the matrix that renders the widest range and the most detail. Not necessarily the most clearly-defined detail and range, but the most in a total sense. You simply can not get purer than that 1/1/1/0/0 matrix.

But, as I said as part of my much longer comment above, if what you're using is working for you and getting you the results you like then don't worry about whether or not some other method is or isn't technically better, or easier, or more popular, or whatever. If the final image you get is how you wanted it to be and you like the workflow then just keep doing what you're doing. 8)

Interesting stuff. At least the Cinetech gives me a faster workflow with colour grading in post compared to Neutral. The noise doesn't bother me as it's very easy clean up with a plug-in like Neat video. Thanks for the explanation.
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