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Share Your Videos / BERLIN | a cinematic gritty moody video | 5D3 and RAW
« on: September 17, 2019, 11:11:55 AM »
Hi all!

I'm sharing with you a moody film I did during a short trip in Berlin. Don't worry you will not be drawned under a ton of crazy trendy transitions. Just let the video takes you through History.

This city is so inspiring.

some technicals specs :


1920x872 @24fps
with crop_rec_4k.2018Jul22.5D3113

edit and color corrected with davinci resolve 15

Raw Video / Re: EOS M RAW in 2019 against 4k options like a Panasonic G7
« on: September 17, 2019, 10:42:38 AM »
Hi! you can check Zeek's videos he use an EOS M with ML.

I'm having issues viewing MLV files.
The program shows I have two files inside a folder:

But when I access the folder, I don't see any files:

Hi! I have that issue too in the 1.5 version (for mac) but I think it's related only to MLV files in lossless compressions. When I open a folder with MLV files that weren't shot in lossless raw, in MlRawViewer 1.43, there are the previews.

But honestly I don't think it's a real issue.. I just drag and drop on the MlRawViewer's window the MLV files that I want to review, from the finder folder, to play them...

Oh that's so cool and smart. Yes, I guess a lot of experiment and improvisation. Good job !

The sound transforms everything that you feel when you watch the drops. It's incredible.

Cool writing. It's very gritty and clean at the same time. What lens did you used ? And did you control what was behind the glass during the water falls ?

Share Your Videos / Re: Madrid and Women March of 2019
« on: May 29, 2019, 08:39:31 PM »
Lol Thank you !

Share Your Videos / Re: Madrid and Women March of 2019
« on: May 29, 2019, 12:35:35 PM »
Hi !

Sorry or the delay, I had more work than expected  ;) and sorry It's gonna be a long post, but I hope I can answer all. Do not hesitate to ask me to clarify something.

There is one thing that blowed my mind, it's the stabilizer of davinci. It's so much powerfull than warp stabilizer from adobe. It's less chaotic zoomings and wobblings. If the first result is not good, you have to make analyse again with another option (there is "perspective", "x & y only", "camera similar") the thing it that, from what I understand, it will restabilized again and again what is already analysed stabilized, without cropping a lot, and make it smoother while keeping the camera's dynamic, without looking like a crappy amateur stabilized footage.

So. First of all I use that build : crop_rec_4k.2018Jul22.5D3113 and my settings for mlraw were 1920x872 @24fps and 14-bits lossless, and sometimes @50fps (so the image would be in 1920x524, but it's easy to apply after an automatic resize in davinci or if not with the inspector, I explain that after.

and sometimes I also used the cropmode "1080" with the framerate overide @24 fps, when I wanted to zoom stronger than my lens could do. About that, but I noticed I should have use at least 3.5K because @1080p the chromatic aberrations are more noticable (it's green edges arround silhouettes).

The CF card I used is a Komputerbay 64 Gb 1050x and the SD card where ML is installed is just a Sandisk Extreme 8 Gb (10)

I just to buy one more 64 Gb 1066x to replace one that I damaged, it was corrupted when I used another card reader than mine, that wasn't UDMA7 compatible, that's one thing to remember)

On the field, sometimes to be sure of what I just to shoot was interesting, I played directly on the 5D the last recorded shot, also to check if it's not corrupted, you never know.

Then at night I dumped all the mlv files to my laptop, in order to format the CF card and back up

So comes the moment of reviewing the shots. I prefer to use MLRawViewer, as I find it allows to play the videos with real time playback. To be able to open the 14-bits lossless MLV files, I found that I had to use the 1.5 of MLRawViewer. (Thanks the answer on twitter! So I never change any settings other than the curve to C-Log and I export the DNGs after choosing the shoots I liked. It's a bit one per one, by I prefer, as I can review the videos before editing, and there is not that much of videos.

The version of MLRawViewer 1.5 I used is here

So I end up with a bunch of DNGs folders with their wav files.

In davinci, as I mentionned before, I followed this article to be able to import the raw correctly

I will quickly quote what are the instructions :

  • 1. first download this LUT :
  • 2. In Project Settings, in Camera Raw select Cinema DNG instead of Arri Alexa
  • 3. Change Color Space to Blackmagic Design Film and do the same with Gamma, check Highlight Recovery.
  • 4. In Color management, Lookup Tables, there is the button "open LUT folder" that will open the folder where you can copy the downloaded lut.
  • 5. in 3D Input Lookup Table, choose the LUT EOSHD LUT 5D3 RAW

the settings for camera raw

you can save the project settings as a preset, and load it whenever you will start a new one, and be sure to set the framerate correctly as in Davinci 15 you can't modify that after creating a timeline

Note that now you can do that in davinci 16, just like in Premiere, but it's still in beta with lots of crashs

These steps are only to make davinci import correctly the DNGs and be able to start color correcting with a good base

So when Im selecting the DNGs, in the media panel they will look flat, but once imported they have the "base" color and the gamma corrected. Now comes the time to edit, in the edit panel. I start by derushing and throwing interestings cuts in a timeline. Then I make moving cuts, assembling what look like sequences, making connections with movements etc..  and start to build a simple structure.


Then when it start to look like something I choose and add a soundtrack and adjust the cuts, after that I start make some color corrections (WB, style, curves.. other LUT...) Thanks to the setting of raw you can push more before correcting too.

Im not a fan of trendy transitions like crash zoom, pans etc.. but I manage to use one, directly in davinci with power windows. There a person passing by the camera so I rotoscoped (it's easy, only some keyframes) It's a simple "2 video track" for the transition.

Here is the mask (power window) for the transition. Check this tutorial

After I finish to color correct, I decided to push further the audio, and use the ambiance recorded by the camera with importing the wav that came with the MLV/DNGs convertions files. I encountered a little problem, I could not synchronise it at the begining (I should have start with that).

Let me explain. The timecode of the DNGs clips would start with something like 10:36:28:04 (FYI that's is the hour the clip was recorded) and the Wav's timecode would be 00:00:00:00. So it was difficult to find the match. I had to change the Wav's timecode attribute with the start timecode (in this example, I set 10:36:28:04 in the wav clip attribute pannel) from the corresponding DNG. and then find the cut point I used in the timeline with matchframe button.

And I can literally copy the cut point's timecode. And paste in the source window for find the same cut point

That was more for the marching sequence than the reste of the video, as it was more live action so It was important to be in synch, but I think it could have been easier.

Here is the complete timeline, with the audio tracks (music, ambiance, and sfx)

To answer you primary question,
I love Adobe After Effects and Premiere to edit so I am scared of using Resolve to edit. Is it significantly time-saving to use Resolve?

Im a motion designer and I use After-Effects before all, and I do my edits in premiere. Of course you could start in Premiere, and export a XML. I would say that you don't have to be worry, because you can almost do the same inside davinci, andbig advantage is that it's in real time. Event if you computer is lagging, just select all the clips, then right click and select "generate optimized media" it will take max 5 mins. Check also this video :

You can also do basic things like masking (there is tutorials here), clone stamp, speed ramping with curves etc..

Of course if you need to do advanced retouching or fancy transition, of text layouts, with after effects/premiere, you will have to finish color correction and render all.

The thing is that the editing part is quite complete and strong. Cut, trim... you have to adopt reflex, and memorize the shortcuts I suppose that you aleady use somes in Premiere, like the blade tool, the trim tool etc..

The only annoying thing is the magnetic option "snapping" as they call it. is a bit too strong compare to Premiere's but you can always activate and desactivate it as much as you want with the N key.

When in slow motion, here you can see that the DNG clip is originally smaller in heigh (1920x524), but with the project's settings option to "strech frame to all corners" it set it to the right size.

(of course you can also leave by default and modify only single clips with the inspector and play on the scale)

I hope I could answer all, do not hesitate to ask me more to clarify something.

Share Your Videos / Re: Sea of clouds in 3.5K on EOS 5D Mark III
« on: May 28, 2019, 11:44:02 PM »
So sharp !!!

Share Your Videos / Re: Madrid and Women March of 2019
« on: May 24, 2019, 05:34:17 PM »
Yes ! I will make a post with a bit of BTS about the workflow and I will answer you that during the week-end.

As a gift to my girlfriend, we visited Madrid and found ourself immersed in mood of the city and even got the chance to rally the march on International Women's day 2019.

You will see some nice poetic mood, and feel the crowd into the march.

This time I converted all my MLV files into DNG (before I only did Prores) and imported them in Davinci, and challenged myself to do also the cut directly within Resolve (Im more a premiere/after editor) as it was more convenient and stronger to manage the huge raw sequences and playing, previewing, in real time. For the color management, I followed this article posted on eoshd and I find that the clips are so much more appealing with this workflow. After some WB corrections, I applied after my favourite lut (Portra 160)

I included the live sound recorded from the 5D. (although there is some sound effects here and there...)

Hope you enjoy.

Share Your Videos / Re: 5D MKIII + MLRAW in Iceland
« on: May 20, 2019, 05:14:47 PM »
Hello !! absolutely !!

That had to be extreme cold temps for the camera. I'm surprised that the 5D3's cold weather performance is so outstanding! I guess if you were shooting RAW then it heated the sensor up naturally or something haha.

I don't remember having any issue with the cold, I guess you might be right guessing that ML makes the sensor warmer :) I did had a plastic bag to protect from the water drop at the cascades. a problem that occured is our iphones, their battery was drained so fast, we used a lot our powerbanks. So at the hotel we were charging again all, I'm glad I took a multi socket !

Also, when I was in holiday in the south of spain, hiking near some cliffs where I think you could easily cool eggs, I did had a big issue with the heat, it corrupted a lot of MLV files, and I had remove the battery and wait a long time to cool down the camera body.

Can you tell us about your astro-timelapse? How did you capture it with the auroras?

That is thanks to the intervalometer that comes with ML. I shot with my sigma 50mm at shutter speed 3.2 sec, f4 and 2000 iso (I guess I could do a better job if I had with better knowledge that day) It was getting cold and we were late on the road. I could only take 30-50 frames for the timelapses and that's why it's a bit laggy, I stretched the resulting clips to be longer for the edit.

here is a unprocessed raw photo

Were you recording raw 14bit or 12 bit or 10 bit?

14bits uncompressed. it was in 2015, so no lossless compression, I exported all in Prores with MlRawViewer with a C-LOG lut, contrasted the shots in davinci a little and applied a Portra 160 lut. Most of the takes were 10-20 seconds long, to save space and batteries, I had only 2x64 Gb CF Cards.

There is practically zero noise in any of your shots.

Yes, :D but I applied a strong denoiser on some shots, and added a grain layer over all.

That old airplane is def the coolest thing ever!

Thank you so much !

I will share another video that I did in Madrid, I did a more advanced workflow.

Share Your Videos / Re: Paris moves // 5DIV + 6D RAW
« on: April 11, 2019, 02:44:07 PM »
Very cool ! And not like a lot of travel edits like we tend to see growing these days on youtube.

Share Your Videos / Re: 5D MKIII + MLRAW in Iceland
« on: April 11, 2019, 02:42:53 PM »
Thank you for your feedback!

I know it could have been Sigur Ros, but I felt it too cliché, it was more in a personal mood than that.

Share Your Videos / ICELAND | 5D MKIII | MLRAW
« on: March 25, 2019, 02:25:08 PM »
A while ago (in 2015!) I did shoot in MLRaw during a trip in Iceland (so cliché I know...) but I never had the chance to share it where it should belong, thanks to you all guys for developping ML.

All I had was a 50mm, a 100mm and a tripod, and not a lot of storage space so I had to shoot wisely.

Here is the movie, hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment :)

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