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Thanks Danne, problem solved !
Hi Danne,
Thanks for the map and your time.
I got mine from Bilal's bitbucket (
I don't know how to do pixel maps.
I'll try with your's tonight.
I just bought an used M1 mac mini and I get the same results.

In MLV app 80000331_1808x766.fpm is used for that file.
In Resolve, using Switch, I see in the Terminal window that the same map 80000331_1808x766.fpm is loaded but I still see the focus dots in these slow-mo shots.
Ok I will, but how do I know which fpm file is the one needed ?
Here is a screenshot of the fpm files, left is in MLV App, right is in Switch.

I've actually copied the fpm files from MLV App over to Switch. That's why there is a folder called "_old fpm" in the "mlvfs" folder of Switch, I've kept the initial fpm files. That's perhaps a problem ?
I've downloaded Switch mini and it doesn't work. It works with MLV App.
Here are two dng exported from the same mlv file, once exported with switch mini and once exported with MLV App :
Hi Danne,

Sorry for responding months later.
The problem occurs on files shot in 3x3 1736x738 @57fps.
I've put the same fpm files in the the mlvfs folder of the Switch app than those present in the MLV App folder. It's working for the other files in different modes, but not for these slowmo shots.

Int hte terminal it says :
Loading focus pixel map '80000331_1672x2068.fpm'...
Loading focus pixel map '80000331_3144x1336.fpm'...
Loading focus pixel map '80000331_1808x766.fpm'...

I guess the last one is the one needed for 3x3 1736x738 ?
The files are in the that folder but I still see the dots on the image. Is it supposed to work automatically (like in MlvApp) or is ther an option to activate in the Terminal before running Switch ?
How do we uptade the focus pixel maps in Switch ? I've copied the files provided by Bilal for crop mood in the mlvfs folder of Switch but I still see the focus dots in Resolve. Am I missing a step or an option that has to be activated when using mlvfs in order to get rid of thes focus dots ?
Quote from: Danne on March 14, 2023, 04:41:18 PM
I have bash integration with Mlvfs through menu navigation in this app/workflow:

select "ml" from the root menu. Fuse from here:
Install apple silicon or intel dependeing on what machine you are running.

Thanks Danne for pointing to Switch, it's working very good. At least for non-dualiso files.
Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but when I choose option (10) to render Dual ISO and than A to activate MLVFS, I get following message :
QuotePlease enter your selection number below:
ls: /tmp/no_files: No such file or directory
ls: /tmp/SCALETAG: No such file or directory
ls: /tmp/DUALISO/crop_rec: No such file or directory
fuse: unknown option `-n'

and the Finder seems to freeze, I need to restart.
Do you know why this happens ?
Wow Bilal, this update looks great on paper ! Can't wait to test it out. Like iaburn wrote, you deserve some time off man !
Thanks Danne, I wasn't aware of this and I will dive into it.
By the way, what you provide to the ML community is incredible.
Quote from: Danne on February 02, 2023, 11:41:10 AM
I have it working with Ventura even. I run mlvfs through program Switch. Arm64 fuse install is needed.
Oh so is this a different method than that one : ?
Is there a page or ressource somewhere that explains what's needed ? Thanks Danne.
Quote from: woefi on September 02, 2022, 04:47:40 PM
I also was a happy user of mlvfs about a year ago. In the meantime I updated my mac from MacOS 10.14 Mojave to MacOS 12 Monterey and now I cannot connect to my CDNGs anymore... I get a message "http://localhost:8000 could not be opened"

At the time I linked the dynamically created cDNGs directly in a DaVinci project and now I am hoping to successfully open the project again.
please, has anybody fixed this?

btw. I got 200Gigs of footage from that project that I would love to permanently convert to a compressed cDNG so I can finally archive it. Is there a better way of dealing with MLVs in an "RAW" kind of way?

Hey ! Did you got MLVFS working on Monterey ?
MLVApp is great, but working with Resolve and being able to work with the .mlv files "almost" natively is a huge time saver !
Thanks Walter ! Now I get it. Indeed in play mode I got 94MB/s  :)

Danne and Bilal what you offer to the ML community is amazing ! Thank you so much.

I've done some benchmarks with my SD cards and I'm not sure to understand what happens. I've first tested the SanDisk R170 128GB in 5.2K mode (with the settings provided by Danne).
If I launch the benchmark in video mode I get around 40 MB/s and malloc_errors (I don't know what these are). If I do the benchmark in stills mode, I get 68MB write speed and 63MB read speed.
Is that not a bit low ? I've also tested an Sony R260 MB/s W100 MB/s and those figures were even worse, like 19 MB/s.

When I record on the SanDisk, it works continuously for over 6 minutes (I've stopped it). So I guess that's the most important, but I would like to understand the banchmark and these malloc_errors.

Quote from: ciaranhmc on November 24, 2021, 12:50:35 PM
Ok got it to work. So in case it happens to someone I did a reinstall of everything and it works... refresh the localhost:8000 page at the end.


Hi ciaranhmc,
I was wondering how well MLVFS works for you ? I'm also on Big Sur and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong but once le MLV folders are mounted they are unusable for me in Resolve. I mean when I import in Resolve everything is so slow that it is unusable.
If I export my 5K anamorphic footage as cDNG in the MLV app everything works fine. What's your experience ? Thanks !