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User Introduction / Hi from a magic lantern noob
March 10, 2022, 05:37:29 AM

My name is Subho Basu, and I am from Memphis. I am really interested to learn and practice magic lantern for landscape photos, for instance, focus stacking (at least 3 focus points) and exposure bracketing (at least 3 different exposure at each focus point) combined. So total 9 automated photos finally merged into one image in post processing. I know one veteran member Garry did the exact thing, and I want to learn more.

I am going to learn other features of magic lantern and use it for video (raw shooting) eventually. I hope to know other members and hope to contribute a bit.

Thanks for reading!  :) :) :)
I know this is an old thread! I am a magic lantern noob, and totally intrigued by it!

I just have two questions (for Garry and others) - 1) the lua script is still valid for Canon EOS-M and 6D cameras? 2) Do Canon M mount lenses work now?

I am really interested in this automated process of landscape photography i.e. automated focus points settings (like fore, middle and background), and 3 to 5 exposure bracketed shots at each focus points.

Thanks in advance for the responses!   :) :) :)