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I use those maps successfully (5K anamorphic, 2.5K, 1080...):

I use C-mount lenses in 2.5K mode on EOS-M, I really love that mode. I currently use the canon-gui arrrows to shift the crop area and center the lens, it's OK, but I was wondering if those X-Y shift values could be read from the camera registers, dumped in the crop_rec config file then restored at startup ?
It's something I can do if someone tell me how to do.

Good idea, but the battery pack is larger than the camera  ;)

Here's how I made my (poor man) external battery for my EOS-M :

The dummy battery is 3D printed and I use 2 3.7V batteries (18650) from a salvaged notebook power pack (contains 6x18650).
I found the batteries holder on eBay for 4$.

Tough ! Thank you for the reply. I'll do manual correction.

Here's what I found so far, but seems wrong (or miss parameter(s)) :
sensor_res_x / (sampling_x * raw_res_x) * sensor_crop
where sampling_x = binning_x + skipping_x

example : on EOS-M raw video 1800x754 with 3x3 sampling (3x1 binning) gives a crop factor of 1.56 (!!)

Oh, yes, there is a lot of information, but I don't exactly know how to do the calculus with pixel binning/skipping values...

Yes, I get the sensor crop factor (1.62 on EOS-M) via (mlv_oject*)->RAWC.sensor_crop, what I'd like to get is the crop factor when the captured image data doesn't fill the entire sensor (in crop mode)

Raw Video / Calculate final sensor crop from MLV video data (in crop mode)
« on: November 16, 2021, 09:52:31 AM »

I'm writing a little application to play with my EOS-M footages and I need to calculate the final crop sensor (if crop rec is enabled), the goal is to give the correct information to the LensFun library to do lens undistortion and exposition correction. I tried to find a way with pixel binning params, but not sure how to handle it properly.

Thank you

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