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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 5D Mark II / 5D2
« on: January 24, 2021, 02:39:22 PM »
I have been shooting the old sony a-55 with a 17mbps bitrate and bad glass. Looking for a upgrade and considering the 5d2 with magic lantern. I dont mind tinkering with it and putting some effort in to get something nice out of it.

A big advantage would allready be that the still quality should be amazing.

But video?
I would like to shoot high quality 1080p, preferably 1440p and maybe 4k. However I do read a lot about crops and I am a bit worried now if the 5d2 feels like a good option because I would like to take advantage out of the fullframe sensor. So what crops are we talking about with these resolutions? And how do you still get some nice wide shots? What kind of vitage glass would you need to tackle this?

General Chat / New to this whole concept need a helping hand
« on: January 22, 2021, 06:35:47 PM »
Hello to all of you out there,

I am fairly new and also fairly lost. I owned (and still do) a Sony A-55 which is slowly failing on me, and I do more and more video, however with a average of 17Mbit bitrate output it is fairly poor quality. So I was hoping to upgrade. First I was looking at the a6400 from sony or a fuji x-t30. Somewhere along the line I fell into a tunnel, I was looking at older fullframe a7s camera's and then I found the interesting high bit (12/14bits) and raw 4k recordings at Youtube with magic lantern on a 5D2. Now the 5D2 has always been my dream camera back in the day. Back on topic... I don't mind a bit of fiddling, tweaking and so the idea of getting a old fullframe 5D2 camera and maybe some vintage lenses for video shooting has become a serious thought.

However I have never been into canon, magic lantern, never to much into vintage lenses a little into cinetography.
So... what to expect, what is really possible with a 5D2 to capture 4k, how is the quality really? Will it be able to outperform the newer camera's I metioned? Perhaps with some hard work (lifting more weighty gear, manual focussing, postprocessing more). Does it do 4k or was all I have seen upsampled? Is there enought information do good upsampling?

Also can you point me into the direction of what to expect with vintage MF lenses like a decent budget kit of say a set of high speed (<f1.8) 20-24mm , 35mm , 50mm and perhaps a 85mm primes.
I know, a lot of questions, but maybe you could convert me for life. ;)

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