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Quote from: Walter Schulz on October 07, 2020, 06:30:48 PM
Are you refering to 95 MB/s version as 1st and 170 MB/s as second? Then you are wrong. 1st gen won't switch to proprietary Sandisk transfer mode.Haven't found yet. Please link.
The 170 MB/s is a tad slower when used in cardreaders not able to run Sandisk's proprietary protocol. See

I think Mythic Cinema is referring to this video by Dave McKeegan. Proprietary SanDisk transfer mode at 3:38

Quote from: ZEEK on October 07, 2020, 12:43:50 PM*Note, I could also record 2.8K RAW on the EOS M @2.35:1 with green signal for over a minute.

Wow, great to hear that recording with 240MHz is possible. Shame it requires such an expensive card. I watch your videos Zeek, I see that you have multiple EOSMs. Does this card work at 240MHz on multiple cameras?

Quote from: ZEEK on October 07, 2020, 12:56:35 PMWith the 192Mhz patch I get about 5-12 Seconds, with the 240MHz patch, 1 Minute & above. Not sure about the consequences of using the highest patch and how taxing it can be on the card in long term use. Don't think it should be too bad.

These cards do have a lifetime warranty, don't be shy about frying your card for science :D
Reverse Engineering / Re: UHS-I / SD cards investigation
September 27, 2020, 10:57:39 AM
First, my 192MHz benchmarks:

Play mode

Photo mode

Movie mode

My 240MHz benchmarks:

Play mode

Photo mode

Movie mode

Movie mode won't print a benchx.ppm. There is a memory error in the debug menu:

This is what I see when entering said menu:

From here the device is frozen. I have to physically remove the battery to power off.

All live view benchmarks are done with the camera looking at an overexposed scene. Note that I can't even match my 240MHz speeds on my SD card reader.

The second write pass of the 240MHz movie benchmark goes at full speed until around 80/100, at which it goes down to a speed similar to the ~20MB/s passes. This behaviour (reproducible) is interesting, as other modes never seem to change speeds during a pass, and never sustain the 240MHz speed past the first pass.

Merged your posts. The direct image links appear to be broken, but the link to the folder works and shows all of the images. //Audionut
Found the edit button. Fixed. //tmilardo
Reverse Engineering / Re: UHS-I / SD cards investigation
September 23, 2020, 11:35:14 AM
I'm able to bench ~91MB/s write on my EOS M at 240MHz once in a while. Just for the first pass of the Quick R/W benchmark. Sandisk Extreme Pro 170MB/s 256GB microSD. I can normally do about 78MB/s on 192MHz. Is there any sort of log or something I can share to help development? Would love to have access to higher bitrates.