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General Help Q&A / Some questions about specific terms around ML
« on: August 05, 2020, 05:25:14 PM »
Hi ML users,

I'm new to the ML world, I just discovered this forum and read almost every topic around 5DM3/M2 Raw capabilities and other stuff.
I am a young french camera assistant that just begun working in the cinema industry and I'm super interested in understanding all of the video worflow from light captured by the sensor to the post-production and deliver to customers (Cinema/TV/internet).

Through my researchs, I've been faced with a lot of technical terms that seems really important if I want to get the best from ML or simply to understand how video camera works. Can somebody help me answering some of my questions ? I think this post could be very useful for new user of ML like me.

Pixel binning : How does it work with a CMOS RGGB sensor ? Is it a process done before or after photocytes charges are read and turned into data ? Does it really helps reducing noise ?
Also, I've seen a 5.7k anamorphic build for the 5DM3 that use 1x3 bining 1920pix then unsqueeze the raw file in post to get back the 5760 horizontal pixel from the sensor. Does it imply pixel binning can be reversed in post ?

1:1 pixel readout mode : So, it means that all photocytes in the captured area of the sensor are recorded ?

Oversampling and downsampling : I'm really confused about the difference about those two (if there is any) and when can we use them. I've seen a debayer process that combines 2x2 pixels to form "super" RGB pixels. Is this downsampling ? Can we downsample an RGB or YCbCr picture already debayered ? In a 1080p screen (like my laptop), a UHD video file downsample to 1080p and the same UHD video exported full res will appear different ?

lossless RAW : I guess it's a RAW video file that is compressed with a lossless compression ? So, different than uncompressed RAW

Debayer process : This is a huge one. I know what's the idea behind it and already found some articles about things like bilinear or AMaze. I'm more interested about the reasons to choose a process instead of another in MVL App. And, in Davinci Resolve, I never saw an option to choose a specific process. So do you know what debayer process software uses ? Does it depend on the camera that shoot the file ?

SD overclocking and card spanning : Can you explain what are they ?

Upscaling : 5DM2 can record 1824x1026p RAW video. If I want to deliver a 1080p video, I need to upscale my file. How does it work with pixels ?

Centered crop mode : What is the meaning of "centered" ? Does it mean other crop modes aren't centered ?

Thanks a lot and have a nice day.


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