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It seems that I have read here and on YouTube while searching and reading about your version that if you use your version, you can combine the speeds of the SD and CF memory cards. Is this correct?
And how can we do
You are the copy programmer and you know how

Now what is the next step
I still do not understand
How can I combine both SD and CF card speeds
For information in previous experiments, I took the same steps and results appeared close to the pictures that I attached to you, and when recording the speed does not exceed 92 megabytes, where I noticed that the recording is only based on the speed of CF
Where is the way in which I combine my two memories speeds together

SD only

SD + CF in camera

These results that appeared to me

Oh well I'll do it
Activate, disable other functionality, including raw video, and test again
Is that correct

I am required to download
And place it in the module
And I just enable it
Ok where do I find the file
To download it

Thank you
and I ask those who have the time to explain the things that I do step by step, and I appreciate having pictures of the steps because sometimes you talk about things and names that I do not know how to get to them

Hi ..
Danny, please see
I downloaded your copy and activated sd overlock
Then I tested the memory writing in picture mode
These are the steps

As I mentioned, I installed your version and did nothing but activate sd overlock and test memory
How do I combine the two speeds
SD and CF card speed

In fact, 1.1.3 is slightly faster to write to memory than 1.2.3, there is a response speed even from the camera away from the memory write speed

Thank you Walter
I knew how to get to it from the Night Build page

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Top of page -> Downloads -> Download Nightly Builds -> 5D Mark III 1.1.3 -> Installation or Helpful Links.

Dear please excuse you
I don't want the night build or the ML version
I want firmware version 1.1.3 for 5Diii so I first go back from 1.2.3 to 1.1.3 then install ML


Thank you
However, I was able to go back from 1.5.3 by opening the memory door without using EOS Utility
Can you help me put a link to version 1.1.3 for the camera and not ML?

Now my 5D III camera is 1.2.3 and it was 1.5.3 and I managed to go back to 1.2.3
Would you recommend that I also go back to 1.1.3 and is that possible with the same idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopening the memory door and fooling the camera

Can you put the link to your version of the site because this version has been patched a lot by Danny and I no longer know where is the version that works well with the SD Overclock feature?
I found more than one link in some posts, and Danny from time to time puts an update. Can you guide me
I am using 5D III version 1.2.3


PS: i forgot to mention that i also use official canon batteries AND cheap knock-offs, and it has never happened here.  always <>130 MB/S with card spanning and overclock.

hope that helps!

thank you very much

Can you take pictures of the screen with your most important settings and things that you have activated?


The ML community is large and it is difficult to find topics that you have read or browse during your day or arrived at by chance, but use this link to search and see the many discussions
Here is one of the quotes in support of my statement and that a lot here talks about that 128 is unstable

128 GB is unstable

Hey everyone - I'm new so please bear with me if I sound stupid lol. Just making sure I read this correctly - the 256G card will only hold 128G of footage in the 5D3? However, it will operate fast enough to actually record the raw footage - unlike KB's 128G cards? I've seen nothing but bad reviews on their 128G cards from what reading I've done on here.  I'm considering picking up a couple of their 64G cards simply because the price can't be beat and seems to perform ok?? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

Thank you for your contribution and the memory that you suggest to me. I read here that 128 gigabytes are not stable and the best is 64 or 256

Can't comment on battery differences because I only have OEM canon batteries.

For the cards, the first one you linked is a CFast 2.0 card. Not compatible with the 5DIII.

You need a CF card UDMA 7 rating to get the most out of it. You can't get faster CF cards than 160MB/s anyways.

Thank you for your contribution. I was about to purchase the first card and expected that it does not support 5D iii. Maybe a 1Dx or something similar.
As for the battery, I described to you what happened to me. Perhaps some people have experience or knowledge about the role of the battery in the work of ML

Today I noticed something that might be useful
When using a non-original 5D III battery, the memory speed is 87MB
When using an original battery, the speed sometimes reached 100.1 MB
Does battery type affect something in ML work either on 5D iii or other supported cameras

Also I plan to buy a memory and is confused between two types whichever it filters and my work is more on 5D iii
That's more speed and less space, at $ 220

That's less speed and more space, $ 160

I suggest all users to ignore advice above and strictly follow procedures explained by a1ex in the installation instructions.

Suggest that you thank the efforts of the members who are trying to help
Myself I made it back from 1.3.5 to 1.2.3
It first failed because the card was inside
1.3.5 and camera 1.3.5 The camera is rejected and a higher version is required
I downloaded 1.3.6 from the official website
And I applied the rest of the steps, and it succeeded
The camera rejects any version equal or less
When I read the camera in memory, version 1.3.6, higher than the installed version, the camera continued and when the red light stopped, it opened the door and placed a memory containing 1.2.3 and 1.3.6.
I chose 1.2.3 and it worked

I've had ML on this camera before, sent to Canon, now it's got 1.3.6 and I've spent endless weeks doing endless tweaks to no avail. Have tried every firmware version, can't get rid of 1.3.6 camera reads all fir's as 1.3.3 and does not load
, 1.3.6 won't go away

The following explanation was given

I made it back from 1.3.5 to 1.2.3
You need an official version of the Canon website that is higher than 1.3.6 on the camera so that you move to the next step after the camera reads that the version in the memory is higher than the version in the camera and as soon as the light turns off, open the door and insert a new card containing version 1.2.3.
Your problem is that the camera version 1.3.6 needs an official version higher than 1.3.6 in order to be able to trick the camera

There is never ignoring
I visited the link
And downloaded version 1.2.3
We didn't have an SD card so we used CF and did a basic job without activating another function or function, just raw video
And we filmed beautiful scenes, but after a while, the message I told you about appears and you must remove the battery and restart the camera

I tried your copy on my girlfriend's camera and we only had a CF card, we activated the raw video only and shot some stills, but always from time to time the message appears canon
The camera stopped working
Restart the battery and take it out
The night structure is quite stable
Raw Video 14 BIT
Writing speed 82
23.976 FPS

Still waiting for 5D iii arrival  :-X
The seller appears hesitant after seeing that I'm sticking to the camera  ::)
Question please
Can write speeds of SD and CF cards be combined in 5D  ?

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