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Very nice! By the way, the x5 crop gives not a real x5, as far as I know, more like x2,5-x3, so the resulting focals are in the range 600-900mm.

Are you sure? When I enable the 3x crop mode, it's less cropped than when I'm in 2.5K which on the bottom says it goes into 5x view..

Quarter Moon from August 7, 2019.
Video is sped up 500%

Shot on Canon EOS M with Magic Lantern Raw 2.5K Upscaled to 4K.

  • Canon FD 135mm f3.5 at f5.6
  • Canon EF 80-200 f2.8 L at f7.1

Effective focal ranges being 1080mm (135mm on crop sensor and 5x internal crop) and 1600mm (200mm on crop sensor and 5x internal crop).

I tried using a 2x teleconverter with the 135mm, but I couldn't get it to infinity focus with it on. I do have a 1000mm telescope that I need to assemble. Looking forward to using that on Aug 15th Full Moon rise along the Houston Skyline. Hopefully it'll be a clear day then. In the mean time, this is what I captured last night.

Share Your Videos / Re: Karate in (Sorta) SlowMo
« on: August 05, 2019, 11:00:53 PM »
Nice. I like that lens. What camera was used?

EOS M, ML Raw at 1080p 46 fps setting, rendered at 60P which was then slowed down to 24p to 55% with optical flow in premiere.

First half the video was shot using single ISO at (I think 200) then dual ISO between 100 and 400. But man, rendering out the dual ISO clips took forever. Not sure if it's worth it for the workflow. I can't tell the difference...

Share Your Videos / Karate in (Sorta) SlowMo
« on: August 05, 2019, 09:45:10 PM »
Karate video shot with 80-200 2.8 L "Magic Drainpipe" handheld.

Tried doing this thing in slow mo.

I thought I got all the bad frames out from the RAW recording but looks like a couple of them slipped through the cracks

  • Monday, 2 hours of shooting resulting in 40 minutes of footage.
  • Tuesday, 2 hours to color grade in MLV app, then about 20 hours for PC to process.
  • Wednesday, another four hours spent editing.
  • Thursday, First pass finding all the good moments which was about 10 minutes worth out of 40. Second pass was editing to audio.
  • Friday, recording the voice over and editing that in, which was about another hour. Then finally rendering out and uploading.

You are a real deal storyteller! How much editing experience do you have because that was excellent. It's a baby shower but you focused on these cool mini stories with the little girl, the ballons, the chess game that the baby shower itself was the background to those stories. I heard J and L cuts and your cuts in general were absolutely surgical. Great editing that really brought me in. That was really well put together!

I appreciate the kind words!

Edited my first video back in 2002 on a VCR.
Then in 2003 buddy of mine introduced me to his iMac.

A year later I was demoted to Windows Movie Maker which frustrated me enough to get Adobe Premiere 6. Few years and some paid gigs later Upgraded to CS3.

I also had the benefit of my university having a full-time film program. I was attending business school part-time, working full-time, and sneaking into film classes on my free-time. By the time I graduated (7.5 years in total) I went through the film curriculum twice over.

Although, to be fair, I learn less about storytelling and more about the technicalities of film-making and history. I got more storytelling lessons from my day-job as a marketing manager.

"Cupcake" Baby Shower Short documentary shot on Canon EOS M using Magic Lantern Raw at 2.5K with 5x crop along with an Ashahi Super Takumar 50mm f1.4 vintage lens.

This video is first foray into 2.5K using the EOS M which I upscaled to 4K following Zeek's tutorials on YouTube.

Used an Ashahi Super Takumar 50mm f1.4 (m42 to EF) with a .7x viltrox speedbooster (EF to EF-M) which at 5:1 crop (Effectively 250mm) had me shooting super close up indoors.

I think I pushed the coloring a bit far resulting in a lot of grain, but overall I think it came out good.

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