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Hi, here at 2:34 - this footage with kite in sky also shot in 4k? And what was the FPS and shutter speed did you use? Every moving objects are so blurred. Also what was the lens? Think you should buy another one if want to shoot in 4k, because in my opinion the lens resolution here is not enough for it.

I shot in 2624x1192 and pumped it up to 3840x fps=24 Shutter Speed 38 (messed up most of the time) and yes you right, the lenses arent probably enough (helios 44, sigma 15-30)
But i will be striving for better results next time. It was a first atempt with ml and this setup

What a wonderful video. Good colour and composition. And nice lens choice, I once had a sigma 15-30 :D

I thought the Helios 44's softness looked really nice actually, a pleasing glow. The shots at 0:44 1:49 and 3:03 in my opinion are examples of that.

If MLV App was used, "smooth aliasing" filter was probably enabled on export. I have seen a few videos affected by it before. @masc it should have a warning label so people don't accidentally use it on shots with moving objects. It doesn't even do much for tripod shots anyway.

I see. So OB is just black area? Maybe that could be reduced somehow. Sad to know that maybe it really is reaching the limit now.

@ Ilia : Thanks mate i appreciate that.

Regarding the Blur... It is messed up shutter speed...  dooh :/

i think its the shutter speed problem. double of your frame rate is all you need

thats right i just messed up the shutter speed.

Probably bad project settings and export...

No its not, i just messed up the shutter speed in most of the shots ;) Cam resets every time to 38 after writing, i dont know why.... And i didnt realize this most of the time in the sunny environment.

Awesome work you guys do !

I also get inspired by all the good videos, especially by Ilia Sibiryakov.
So I bought a used 5D and went for holidays to fool around a little bit.
The newest build worked pretty well for me.

I hope you guys enjoy

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