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Looks fantastic - love the grade, too!
Which build did you use? - that 4k looks great!
Share Your Videos / Re: A Coffee Shop Story - RAW 5Dmk2
February 08, 2020, 10:41:15 PM
Looks great! Which build did you use?
Quote from: reddeercity on December 16, 2019, 03:58:07 AM
@masc , go slow start on something simple that only needs a couple of reg's , d4 cams are very sensitive to any
shock to the system , the reg need to be applied in stages.
Rule of thumb I start at very low frame rate , I do all my adjustments around 8-10fps .
A FYI : I've had all the 1x3 reg's plus preview for 5k(4992) ([email protected]) for the last year ,
but until the adtg hooks problem was solve no need to post anything about it . 



Just a word on development to all newbies , just because there a focus on one thing at a time doesn't mean that discovery are not made all the time .
That's how I figured out the preview for HDMI at 4k 3x1 and all that knowledge gets applied to other preset .
And if a discovery or a flash of insite lead to lossless ok then , but that's how it goes sometimes , when you hit a brick wall on
one thing you make process on a another thing even if it something that was work on 2 years ago .

If one of the reasons I bought a 50D , it helps me understand the D4/5D2 cams better because it's less complicated , not so many rabbit holes  ;)

Just amazed by the amount of potential that has been unlocked on these older cams - big thank you to @reddeercity and everyone else who has continued to push the boundaries!
Great shots! Did you use 1080 for everything?
Quote from: IDA_ML on November 03, 2019, 12:12:17 PM
Hello all,

This is my first attempt to film low-light street portrait videography at night using the 5DMkIII with the amazing EF 85/F1,4 L IS lens.  The footage was recorded hand held in the pedestrian zone of Sofia called Vitoshka.  I used the October 13-th experimental build found here:

and filmed at 12-bit RAW with lossless compression in the anamorphic 1360x2296 mode which results in 4080x2296 final resolution.  Overall, very pleased by the video quality from the above setup:

Postprocessing workflow:

1) MLVApp: very basic adjustments - white balance, exposure, curves, saturation, sharpness, export in ProRes 422 LT,

2) DaVinci Resolve Lite: cutting, mounting and adding text and music, final export in MPEG using the Quicktime codec for lowest file size.

3) Upload to Vimeo in 1920x1080 resolution without upscaling - unfortunately, my internet connection is too slow for uploading larger resolution files.

Some feedback on your part will be greatly appreciated.

Looks great! What shutter speed and frame rate did you use?
Quote from: york824 on October 19, 2019, 02:16:41 PM
Yes I have been using the July 16 build.

Great - thank you. Look forward to seeing more films!   :)
Thanks  :) was that from July 16? I know there have been several versions, and I've lost track of them lately.
I think you've done a great job! - which build did you use?
Share Your Videos / Re: A Cornish Tale
July 08, 2019, 11:47:43 PM
Nice work Rob!
@Galterius Have you switched off the Auto Lighting Optimizer in the Canon menu? Just a thought - you probably have it switched off, but worth checking. I had problems caused by that under certain lighting conditions back in the day.