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This is to increase vertical resolution. Current limit is 1080 in 5x crop mode.

 .so you record audio on different device ? cause 100d records  audio but / 50d does not right ...

If you plan on using a 50D, then an external audio device is required. One real problem is syncing. I haven't found any shortcuts to syncing as there is no dummy audio and no T/C in with the 50D so the only option is manually lining up the audio track to sync with the video...unless somebody has a better solution.

Something weird happend to my 50D. No, it did not break but when I tried the November experimental build for 3.5k crop, my vertical resolution is limited to 720p. So it's like 3.5k pixels across then 720 pixels down. I'm sure I followed all the steps correctly. The first experimental build for the 50D worked fine on my unit.

I'm more than willing to contribute to this effort however my sole CF card just died and I can't get a new one until the end of our community quarantine.

Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 1200D
« on: December 12, 2018, 06:26:37 AM »
is anyone experiencing black holes when recording RAW video? It seems like a bug from the latest build

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