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Scripting Corner / Simulate the halfshutter button every 16 seconds
« on: January 11, 2020, 01:00:39 PM »
Hello :)

I try to write a lua script that will simulate a halfshutter button press every 16 seconds (infinite loop) while the camera (6d) is turned on.
The reason for that is that i want the lightmeter to stay on in video mode. It is turning of after 16 seconds. I want to use it all the time so i tried to write a lua script.

Now comes the problem. I am a scripting noob  :'(

This is my script right now but it is not working as expected because nothing actually happens after the camera has loaded it (at least that works):

-- AutoHalfShutter by clubsoda
-- Simulates the HalfShutter button every 16 seconds

function autohalfshutter()
    while( true )

I hope someone could help me out and tell me what is wrong or even help me writing a working script for my problem.

PS: I know of the sticky shutter feature but it sadly interfers with my workflow

THX in advance :)

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