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General Help Q&A / Dual ISO Problem help
« on: July 08, 2017, 11:37:32 PM »
hello, so i took some picutres today with dual iso and went to go throw them in the whole cr2hdr.exe  and it usually works and spits out a good image but i dont know why but today when i dropped an image into it, it converted the image i think but it was reeduced to an unusable size.
went from 5280x3528 to 252 x 384.
 i am not sure why can any one help?

oh hey alex sorry for the long response time but i went to go download the june version again to show you but it was already replaced by the july version sorry.
good thing is the july version doesnt seem to have the problem the june version had and compared to the may version seems to be even better! for instance the write speed seems to be more consistent. resolutions i use to use that technically did shoot continous (even though magic lantern had a yellow camera icon by it) now are recognized by magic lantern as a continous shoot.  so that feels good as far as usability goes.
one thing did happen when i tryed to play back the file though. it started gathering all the frames and then it slowly wrote this into existence (see images) and then it was just plastering onto my camera screen and the only way to get it off it seems was to turn off the camera(i could till see through it and it wasnt frozen)

btw i mean play back of 10bit raw recordings

Feature Requests / selective global drae
« on: July 07, 2017, 11:06:06 PM »
i know global draw decreases preformance of cameras when it is on at the same time you are recording a raw video.
i dont know if that is a general thing like lets say you have all the overlays on vs just one overlay on will it make a difference in preformance or does it not matter and just has to do with the fact that global draw is on in general? but if it does matter maybe someone can make a selective global draw that way you can pick which features you can see while recording vs not recording.
for instance i use focus peaking to better focus manually but i dont really need it while i am recording.
so it would be helpful to have crop marks while i am recording and not have focus peaking since i wont need it once im in focus.
and hopefully that could allow people more versatility in terms of preformance

hey alex i will say that i used the exact settings on both versions and even made sure to  only activate  the raw record/play/sound module. installed the different versions both twice just to  make sure that the install didnt mess up the first time. but i will provide screen shots. what is it again that you want me to screen shot? the raw video settings and for the speedtest do you want me to use the card speed test in debugging mode? thanks

also i never could play back 10 bit raw video with MLV_PLAY module.
even with the May update.
it would just show black

hey you guys something is wrong with the june update on this 10-12 bit raw experiment.
im using the 700D.
in the May update i could record 10bit
in a multitude of different resolutions easily and continuously.
but in this new June update i can not.
its like my write speed maxs out at around 33mbs per second. (hovers from around 27 to 33)
so i cant really record anything without it stopping after around 15 seconds.
i was recording 1600 at 2:1 aspect ratio and 1280 at aspect 4:3 ratio.
those are the only ones i really used although im pretty sure it applies to every scenario.

Raw Video / Re: RAW + DUAL ISO video ? how
« on: June 28, 2017, 12:36:40 AM »
sadly i never got it to truly work. it would half way work. like every coouple of frames it would show pink dots and every other frames it would switch back and then every other frames it would show the dark iso then every other frames it would show the pink dots. idk . i never firgured it out. i just need a different method to process it.
and yeah there are a lot of results on youtube but if you try to find a video on how to do it there is is only like one and its in russian... the rest of the video are just test shots and such

oh wait someone back through the previous pages said to use mlv producer. download that .it worked for me.

hi, i read all the discussion but i don't understand how to fix this problem with frames with the 600d


hey did you figure out how? i have the same problem with 700D

ooo nice . thats real neat. thank you. I am testing it out now on my 700D

hey i just heard about the new 10 bit RAW recording option and i just wanted to know what the reason anyone would want to record 10 bit when there is already 14. is there like better quality or longer recording times at higher resolutions? thanks

Raw Video / Re: RAW + DUAL ISO video ? how
« on: May 25, 2017, 11:16:41 PM »
oh wait i think i figured it out. just had to right click the file and click dual iso

Raw Video / Re: RAW + DUAL ISO video ? how
« on: May 25, 2017, 10:21:39 PM »
i have mlv converter,is that i similar thing? it has this option for dual iso but everything is greyed out.

Raw Video / RAW + DUAL ISO video ? how
« on: May 25, 2017, 08:47:07 PM »
okay there are no youtube videos on how to go about this but ive seen a couple video on peoples results.
I turned on the module and set the iso to 100/800 .
but now my camera just takes videos with alternating horizontal lines down the screen and my mlv files converted to dng look no different.
please help  :-*

Share Your Videos / 700D / t5i RAW test low light
« on: March 11, 2017, 10:03:26 PM »
all of these quick shots were pretty much shot in low light/ no light with a high iso (i think 1600). its not really cinematic or anything like everyone else posts lol
just testing. in the stove scene there are white dots flying around everywhere. is that because of noise reduction that it is that way? if i shoot in good lighting that is never the case. give me some low light tips?

Raw Video / HELP with y e l l o w dots?
« on: February 06, 2017, 11:06:22 PM »
ok guys so i just shot raw 720p for the first time on my canon 700D and in post i have some yellow dots in one of my shots. i heard you should slighty over expose to get better quality with raw and the rest of the video turned out reallllllyyy good just the yellow dots part. would i remove this with like a pink dot remover? even if they are yellow? (yellow blocks) ive never used a pink dot remover so i dont know if this is the same problem. thanks :0 let me know if anyone needs a sample of what im talking about or if you guys already know my issue.

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