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Thanks a lot for a such good detailled information !   :)
Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on April 18, 2023, 04:18:28 PM
  • Dual ISO will be disabled in x10 mode to check focus easily.
Clever idea !
What a build !
Thanks again Bilal
Quote from: theBilalFakhouri on April 16, 2023, 08:47:41 PM
Give me a 5D2 so I can give you a real-time preview, working on 5D2 is simpler than 5D3 :P
I can't give you a 5D2, I need it for professional needs, but I can donate again for 1/10th of the price. It's now 294€ for an used 5D2. Crowdfunding as you did for sd overclock or crop mood, is the solution.
So if there are nine other 5D2 users, it's ok ! Crop mood on 5D2 !!!

Other suggestion came to me yesterday : is it possible to skip a line in crop mood preview in dual-iso mode to get a clean display ? to get only low or high iso lines ?
I 'm not writing often in this forum, but i read it often, today is a special day !
First, thanks a lot, Bilal ! and all others people like ae1x, danne, redeercity etc...
What a piece of software !  8)
I hoped in 2020 redeercity succeeded in a such release with the 5DII ...  :'(
So I donated and you did it for the M !
This is awesome !
You asked for suggestion so here is mine : 
I would like an option in lens info prefs menu :
- take in account a speedbooster coefficient like 0.64, 0.71, 1 (default) or an any other coef
- take in account crop mood factor
- write this new equivalent in metadata
Keep up the good work ! and thanks again !
@masc yes you 're right about lens conversion. I missed that.
I think it will be better to display to focal equivalent with multiplying with the ratio sensor/raw capture.
Now with my 24mm EF lens on viltrox it displays 17mm eq instead for 2.5K mode : 24x0.71x5184/2500 = 35mm !
Perhaps I missed something again, tell me.
Yes, one thing for more pro-looking would be to fix the focal equivalent indicator with take in account the speed booster coefficient (1; 0.71; 0.64) and the ratio (sensor resolution / raw recording resulution).
The full real time preview is a revolution on EOSM !
Thanks again.
WHAOU !! Danne thanks a lot, just what I'm talking about in post #4417 !
One month later, you do it !
Congratulations !
David   :D
Yes awesome stuff here !
Thanks theBilalFakhouri and Danne (the best code polisher ever !) and of course A1ex.
I 'm no more using my 5D2 ... with these releases !
Just a question, perhaps I 'm missing something : is there an option in "clear overlays" to hide white overlays (x5 box) without hide global draw ?
Quote from: Danne on April 16, 2019, 09:40:21 AM
Seriously, I can't understand your logic with holding open source code that needs to be shared.
Me too. 6 months of personal coding on one preset with bugs that other people have already see on other plateforms ...
IMHO It's non-sense on an open source forum. >:(
Share is pure power, just think what will be Magic Lantern if a1ex post .mo files with as explanation "i'm busy just read my posts" ...
As presets need to be frequently updated, I like the Ilia idea of creating a struct to store different presets.
If it's possible to do it, it's more suitable, it's open, it's simple (no need to compile every time).
Indeed, we can exchange an xml file (or whatever file format)  that store 5D2 presets between users.
IMHO, I think 3K/UHD raw developpement and registers discover will be more easy and quickly spread over users.

Quote from: reddeercity on January 09, 2019, 07:12:24 AM
Figured out 2400x1330 @ 23.976fps real time color preview (same as canon preview) while recording raw video

Great Reddeercity, "color realtime preview" I can't believe it ! the wimps will be glad when you release it !
Can't wait the date !  ;D
Whaou , thanks Danne for the quick and precise answer !
Hi Reddeercity,

The squeezed mode is interesting. I'm thinking about use it in fullhd+ like (1920 x 360 up to 2400 x 432) at a high frame rate like 72 to optimise aliasing.
With an offset of 1 line in height every 1/72 second, we can reconstruct with dual-iso a good fullhd+ (1920x1080 up to 2400x1296 fps24 ) ?
I know we need to adapt mlv_dump or mlv_app to take in account the height shift but do you think it's doable in crop.c ?
Here is a schema to explain my thoughts :

Quote from: reddeercity on December 05, 2018, 09:54:56 AM
Ok looks like I found 3x1 I think , As I thought ADTG12[100c] does a lot of the pinning/line skipping
If it's vertical, you found the 1x3 binning ?  ;) The same as theBilalFahkouri in "Magic Lantern Cinema Camera - Dual ISO without aliasing & without quality loss!" thread ?
Quote from: reddeercity on December 02, 2018, 07:58:56 AM
Ok got it !  :)) 24 fps !! 3.6k Squeezed !!!
Could you explain me the reel pro of a high horizontal resolution squeezed at 24fps ? I can understand at 62fps to minimize the data rate per picture and getting better fps.
In this test image the aliasing is awful once unsqueezed, so I'm thinking I'm miss something.
Great reddeercity !
Perhaps with a continuous bit rate, the same vertical 1200 pixels, the same liveview not frozen, we can find horizontal resolution for 1.85, 2 and 2.35 aspect ratio ? like 2220, 2400 and 2820. I'm afraid the last one won't be continuous. Who knows ?
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 5D Mark II / 5D2
November 09, 2018, 04:39:37 PM
I report here post #314 in "Re: 3K/UHD 5D2 Raw development" thread that liveview is broken so it's possible that on external monitor is the same problem, isnt 'it ? Do you use this latest build ?

Quote from: benoit on October 25, 2018, 03:15:17 PM
I tested a 10bits 2752x1080 file and it is ok but liveview is frozen during recording.
Thanks for the links.
ok, I didn't know it takes a long time to get this sizes to works.
Could you write a brief summary (a few lines) on how to find these values for 5D2 ?
I read yours threads with a1ex about the registers, but i need a summary.
Perhaps I could understand and make my own values to share with others users and increase the preset database.

I'm waiting for yours presets with hope.
I don't know the right number you can reach with yours registers but do you think you can include standard preset 24p with 16/9 ratio and vertical resolution like 1080, 1160, 1320, 1450, 1586 ?
Perhaps I'm a wimps ...   ??? I want to see what i'm filming  ;) ! I'm not only use my cam with a tripod  !
@reddeercity ->  Calling all 5D2 users --  8)
Congratulations, the first step in crop_rec is here !
I tested a 10bits 2752x1080 file and it is ok but liveview is frozen during recording.
I tested a dual_iso_crop_rec mixed video but i got an "oldapi" error message on loading dualiso module. I know I'm asking a little too much for a first step ...
But it's was so existing that I tested !
General Chat / Re: Panasonic GH5 or Canon 5D Mark III?
October 09, 2018, 09:28:43 AM
I had the same idea recently so I looked for tests on dpreview.
On high iso, even my 5D2 beats the GH5 so I'll go for an used 5D3 in your case.
The s1 seems to be interesting but his price with speedbooster in the first month of launching will be high ...

Yeah for v1.1 ! great release, more stable on dual iso !  Thanks
Quote from: reddeercity on September 28, 2018, 08:16:21 AM
I haven't tested it on the latest builds like 10-12bit or mlv_lite  but it work fine with plain vanilla builds 14bit , you may have to use a older build .
On 5D2, I just tried your posted module and a1ex 26Sept release : 10bits - Dual iso - MLV no sound - 3x mode (not crop rec) 1984*1074 @24fps. It works  8) But on another clip, I had to pull off the battery. Thanks every one for dual iso 10bits on 5D2!