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This is so good!

Good. The code is the latest I believe, from a1ex. Would be great if this code is reviewed in whole and implemented in Mlv app :).

Yes changes are there, and the code in the ML firmware is OK so far. The changes are for postprocess only.
Yes of course, my mistake. I mean put in the code in here:

I found the ML's dual iso pdf doc on the internet that helped me to better understand the code and I finally got better results for the exposure ISO matching function. It should also be slightly faster.
For those interested the doc is here
I pushed the code on my gitub if you wanna try. It's not perfect, but it solves almost all the problematic shots.
Nice work.
Are these the changes? Anything else modified?

Possible to fix original source code in here?

On a sidenote. R5/R6 behaves practically like dualiso already included in the sensor output meaning shadow handling on these cameras is not even comparable anymore to digic V sensors.
Do I still pick up my eos m though. Hell yes.

So guys why don't you release 14.1 beta with these new dual iso corrections? It won't hurt anyone :) It's been a long time since the last release..
For Mac users I and also iaburn and probably a few others we could release a test build. For Windows users there must be someone out there...
Code is still worked upon so releasing official betas might.not be necessary.

Share Your Videos / Re: Bali - Canon EOS M, 1080p high frame rates
« on: March 17, 2023, 03:22:01 AM »
Footage looks very nice 👌

I forgot half of the functions I implemented into my own eos m branch  8).

I thought the issues are coming from dualiso.c originally?

Fantastic. Question. Will it be possible to add the change to dualiso.c code itself as well?

Found out that the problem is the same in the final dual ISO mode, values a and b in match_exposure function vary a lot, I'm figuring out how to smooth that from frame to frame.
Edit: Got a fix that "bakes" correction values for a clip in mlvapp. I will make a patch if you're interested.

Would be very welcome addition if this was fixed.

Oki, so disabling fylldes blending fixes the issue? Let's make that default for movie file In say  8). Nothing worse than random, subtle errors...

You are right. Frames are calculated differently. Too bad :(. Is this happening with mlvfs too, do you know? Or with pfficial Mlv app which has the same code as mlvfs more or less.

What preset was used?
I exported with iaburns mlv app version. A version which fixes several problems. I couldn´t see any problems with the output.
Check this file:

I have bash integration with Mlvfs through menu navigation in this app/workflow:

select "ml" from the root menu. Fuse from here:
Install apple silicon or intel dependeing on what machine you are running.

Here you go:

ANybody watching feel free to feedback on the changes.

Upload a Mlv file as well if possible.

Do your corrections as you like them. Sure they'll be fine.

Here´s a binary:

Think you´re skilled enough to create a compiling environment but this works too for now. I´ll have a look when I can.

When you have something done you can share the full code and I can compile and give it back for you to look at. When I get a chance I'll do the same :).

Not likely. What you could do is open up crop_rec.c, apply changes and then I could compile it and have a look at the suggestions.

Learn how to compile and "fix" any issues directly by searching in crop_rec.c.

Not temperature, correct registry setting needed. Seems version 2 is close.

Thanks for feedback iaburn and GrantB.

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