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crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Danne's crop_rec_4k & ISO experiments
« on: November 10, 2018, 12:37:11 PM »

Updated build for 5D3123 in my above post. Not tested so please report how it works.

THANKS I will try!!!  ;)

crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Danne's crop_rec_4k & ISO experiments
« on: November 09, 2018, 05:29:33 PM »
for 5D3123 , nothing ?  :-\

the last on 5d3 have problems , read back the comments...

thanks Levas for the explanation  ;)
so there 's  no risk that some rotines specific to a model x, can create malfunctions to another model y, maybe on things that instead in the previous version were fine? for example on the 5d3 with the latest version, and I wondered if this could also depend on insertions of things for the 700d , 100d ecc..
and of course also vice versa ..
just out of curiosity'.. 

question....  but there is not little confusion about what you can do with 700 D  , not same of 5D3 and viceversa , al all the another models, use, the same experimental file?
I'v read some set's on 700d not working on 5d3 with same results or for nothing... when experimental firmware file is update, is good think put all new togheter for any model ? like dual iso x no aliasing seem not work same of 700d on 5d3 or another model...  so, meaby better compile source firmwares only for 700d ,  for 5d3 and so x alother models?  or not problem to put all togheter on one?

I confirm also, same problem, 5d3 - 123 last exp 22. :(

time will tell'....
I'm already satisfied like that

yes, of course, and Santa Claus exists.  8)

What would you still like on 5d3 that is not some bug fix? the preview realtime while recording in 3.5 k without stop and with audio as well ?? or 4k HDMI output in 14 bit?  ah, ah, ah .... :D
I'm happy for everything that has been done to date ... and if nothing else comes out, I'm fine with it and I can also understand why accepting it and thanking it anyway!

the only news could be developed on 5d4 that has more hardware potential, but I do not think anything will come out, given the little circular of this machine and who owns it is not 'willing to do experiments.
moreover, the presence of excellent machines (also raw) at very low cost (blackmagic & lumix in the first place) brings people (including Devs) to other interests ...

I do not know, but I fear that from 5d3 down now there is still very little to do and say, the hardware limits have been reached, and more than any small bugfux, I do not think we can push further, including preview.
moreover if I read well above, the main (if not unique) author of all these releases 4k exp. he remained without a suitable CF (which does not cost 2 pennies) and therefore without (fro now)  the possibility of testing any further.
I would still say that even if everything stopped here for 5d3 it was a great adventure that has squeezed it a lot!

hdmi> same preview like lcd.... :-X

something is change with mods on crop rek 4k versions...
look and read circa here...

meaby is that your me and anothers guy  ,  time ago...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY "3,5 K" ML !!!!!    ;) :D

I think , time come a working raw 14 bit 4K without problems and limits also in a 5d4....the price of the 5d4 used will be 50$ ...   :D

yes....I can't enable togheter CROP_REC.mod and MLV_REC.mod  or I have error when I turn ON 5d3 and I enter in ML menu'

but if I enable CROP & fine , and there is audio rec too !

what I not undestand, is ..what you can NEED MLV_REC.mod ?

but without CROP.mod , right? look error picture ....

so mlv_rec.mod  normaly not needit ?

 :o ?! 
so crop_mod can be enabled only with mlv_lite and not with mlv_rec ?

sorry but what need Mlv_rec ?



Why this errors when I enable the 4 mod  ???

I just put a clean last ML exp. of yeserday  on my SD like ever..(delete before the old files...)

never see before

I have a couple questions....

Is it true that live preview works when using an external monitor?

Also are there any risks using this? Has anyone actually bricked a camera and not revived it?

time ago (few release ago) I try the ninja 2  , on hdmi output, like a 2' monitor on 5d3 , and you have same preview of 5d3  not better !

I think you have only a little vantage, with monitor outside 5d3, and lcd in that closed....more long life battery, and 50% low temperature...

45 you set exactly for have a 50P ?   with every release , all my test on 1920 50p (raw) was failed....
5d3 + 123 
problem was always..few seconds and stop possibile to have stable/continued recording...

User Introduction / Re: Italian ML users say Ciao here!
« on: August 10, 2017, 03:03:51 PM »
 ;) presente qui e altrove dove vi sia ML & 5d3.

HI...actualy last nightly build x 5d3 (123)  is of 1 August

Latest Build (2017-08-01 00:12)

any body know IF this version fo ML have inside also the Crop mode recording (crop_rec)
from the last (old)  experimental Latest Build (2017-03-21 00:22)??

a good basic interface, resolve all the problems,and speed all the multi clips to convert

With the settings recommended in the first post, 1920x960 50p is continuous here (orange icon at first, green after ~30 seconds).

Benchmark results tomorrow (will let the script test the two builds overnight).

Thanks A1ex

to me and a friend (we have same CF   CBx1066 tested)    with 27 and 29 april , vers. 123  ,   orange icon at first 20 seconds circa  red after and stop!  no way ...tryed 20 times...
if we set 1920x800  orange icon at first 10-15 , orange, green.... but seem to be continued...(i try more of 2-3 minutes without stop)

so I don't know if 1920x960 50p was working better in old version...this I can't say....

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