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An excellent tip! I do suggest that the "~99%" figure is achieved using at least 3 - layers of tape, as mentioned in this article:

"Optical Reflectance Measurements for Commonly Used Reflectors"
Quote from: markodarko on September 22, 2015, 07:32:26 PM
Hi Guys,


My prime concern is stability and having no pink / corrupted frames (something I've experienced on the 5D II but have overcome by turning off Global Draw when recording and using a mask on my Viltrox DC-70 HDMI field monitor to frame the shot) but unfortunately this thread seems split between which is more stable. Some citing v1.1.3 as the most stable, others the opposite.

Obviously, my other prerequisite is to be able to use my HDMI field monitor without issue. I take it that's nothing to do with v1.2.3's ability to output "clean" HDMI and v1.1.3 will still output to a field monitor with no problems?

So, what's the general consensus now, at this moment in time, with regards to which build and firmware to go with?


According to this page, (... and selecting the "5D3.123" option)

You should use the Canon v1.2.3 firmware and compatible Magic Lantern software overlay if you need:

"1) Clean HDMI out (ziggy note: This means if you want clean HDMI Out for the purpose of recording the HDMI output onto an external HDMI recorder.*)
2) Dual monitor support
3) AF at f/8 with teleconverters"

If you don't need those things, stay with Canon firmware version 1.1.3 and compatible Magic Lantern overlay. Yes, Canon firmware version 1.1.3 will output to the HDMI port a viewable signal with an external monitor, but the monitor will also display additional camera information.* It will not generally be a preferable video signal to record for editing and color grading purposes.


*OK, the Clean HDMI signal is also a better video quality, as well as not having any additional camera information. For an explanation of the differences: