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Hello, I'd just like to point out that I've read the first post on this thread. I have a 70D with a copy of the latest alpha release (as of the 19th May). I've used ML... A LOT, especially on my old 550D. ML is an integral part of my gear now and you guys are doing an awesome job  :)

I just have a point/question to arise:

Question: I don't want to assume anything in case i mess my camera up, so i was wondering, can I have this install of ML on multiple SD cards? Can i just copy the ML files on to other SD cards? Or do i go through the install process for each SD Card?

Point: In manual (photo and video) mode, one of my favourite features is the Magic Zoom. Although the magic zoom is basically functional, i cannot seem to move the pointer around the screen for different points of manual focusing. The green bars on Focus Confirm also do not work.

Thanks for reading, great work!

Not sure if anyone is having this problem, I downloaded and am using the latest Alpha5b (today 23rd April), on my 70D.

Whilst in the ML menu after press the delete button, the ML menu screen quits by itself and then go straight back in to the Live screen. This happens whilst in video mode, not picture mode. I should also point out i'm Manual mode too.