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No one addressed this yet?
Enabling af ir beam when camera set to mf mode...
Otherwise it won't fire.
So many people wish to have this option whether on speedlite flash or ir enabled triggers.
Would help low light focusing with manual lenses.
Other option is af confirm chip that tricks camera that af lens is mounted. Is there such chip?
Raw Video / Re: raw2dng cant open new .RAW files?
November 30, 2014, 04:58:26 PM
I guess it says " This is not a lv_rec file "

Im sure theres nothing wrong with the .exe ...who knows ...Im more inclined towards me or the camera doing something wrong :)
Raw Video / Re: raw2dng cant open new .RAW files?
November 30, 2014, 01:56:00 PM
sAME HERE... got great capture of lightning with bolt trigger and was really happy but now I cant seem to be able to open it. When i slide it over to raw2dng i get just a brief flash of CMD window and then it dissapears and no DNGs are created ???
Weird thing is , yesterday I recorded test RAW video with the same card/camera/ML version and everything was fine
There it is....I tried to make couple of timelapses using these functions and after 30 mins or so I get temperature warning and camera gets too hot to touch.... doesnt seem healthy at all :(
Dont know why this is happening... only other thing is auto power off is set to Never...but that was suggested for shooting timelapse...

Any ideas ?
Unfortunately this script seems dead on my After CS6...or I dont know how to use it :0

Anyhoo I import HDR footage in AE and go to File/Scripts/This Script and nothing happens :(
Not sure Im doing it correctly, could anyone help? Do I need to extract hi/low ISO pictures from video first and how and then what?

I could try as well no worries :)

But to do it I just need to be clear what I have to do in order to get it to work...

I activate it (double press)
It goes into scan mode...beeps and returns to normal...
Whaddaya need to do next? Take the shot (when to take it) ?
Do I need to hold down second shutter down all the way through scanning and then do a full press?
And where can I see that Ive done it right?
Trying this in Av mode btw.

Srry for being a noob here ;)
Just started playing with this one and I may be missing something ...
How to use it properly ? I mean I am in AV mode ... ETTR trigger is on 2xHalfShutter or AlwaysON , highlight goodbye is from 2-10% , EV from 1-4 .... RAW histogram/histogram hint enabled...clip GREEN.

I point my 6D at a high contrast scene and take one Canon measured photo then I enable ETTR by pressing 2xHalfShutter and it goes into LV ...beeps and thats it...Then I take another pic and it is almost the same as original... Am I using this feature wrong ? When to press shutter to take ETTRed photo? I remember it was working in early stage but not sure as I played with it just little.

Id like to use it instead of Canon's metering all the time, it is something I was reading about before ML and it's a great feature.
using latest alpha

Argh ... I bought myself a pair of Yongnuo transcievers 622c to trigger flashes and because they have built IR assist beam into them but apparently they are also triggered by camera's AF assist beam, not by shutter-press as I hoped for... so that is another dead end street for manual lens users.
Has anyone put a second thought into this ? Trigger AF beam based on half-shutter press / could be option in ML. Or trick camera that AF lens is attached when manual one is on?

So far AF beam does not fire in any combination of settinfs when MF lens is on.
Again it would be great to assist our eyes and AF chips on our MF lenses at dark

Thanks and sorry for bump :)
Well I finally got to squeeze my buttocks tight enough today and installed ML on my 6D :) (just didnt want to hurt my baby ) Didnt get it to work first time showing me ff8r.lut not loaded and skipping modules errors and then second time I did it the same way everything is okay :D

without the ML on the card everything works as stock Canon 6D before on 550D ? And I can revert bootflag if I wanted?

Cheers guys , said great work so may times so dont want to repeat myself :)

Also , I cant move focus point around with arrow wheel when in Magic Zoom like before...just skip between AF points ?

Tragic Lantern / Re: Tragic Lantern for 6D
July 13, 2013, 02:14:56 AM
Thanks guys .. will be testing asap.
Tragic Lantern / Re: Tragic Lantern for 6D
July 12, 2013, 01:17:05 AM
I appreciate how you guys are enthusiastic about raw video but there seems to be no talk about other ffeatures of ML on 6D. Could someone tell me are functions like intervalometer ,focus peaking , magic zoom , focus stacking, audio shot etc stable on 6D and also could you point to the latest stable beta and install procedure cuz I dont want to break something... didnt care that much ehen I was on 550D .:)
Tragic Lantern / Re: Tragic Lantern for 6D
June 16, 2013, 03:48:08 AM
Just to send support and gratitude from malual-lens photographers / videographers in my area, we were usng/supporting ML on 550d and now we all got 6Ds and cannot wait for release... Thank you Alex. If I understood there is semi-stable release out there for 6D but I cant seem to find the link ? Any idea how close are you to stable release ?
Will keep supporting 6D progress as this is one amazing camera.
Cheeres guys. sorry for off-topic :)
used that device year ago, was great, it also has IR assist beam by default no matter what lense you use. For reminder and you can check my thread couple of rows down ...Canon Speedlite flashes DO NOT fire this red beam to assist focus when ANY (and Canon) lens is in manual mode ... and also does this for wonderful M42 and such manual lenses which need this feature to make it way easier to focus. That thing alone added to ML would make me to contribute again :)
Well the title says it all... is it possible ?
Well , I thought about it, havent figured out much :) but dont know if its possible to add a stiring or option to trick camera that AF lens is attached when manual lens is on ?
Well cant confirm without testing how significant is the change, this is from memory, but my friend and I noticed similar behaviour...

Lets open a donation for Alex to buy a flash so we can solve this :)
Well, to be true...sometimes does over sometimes under but  I think it depens on the lens, either way correctable with no fuss... but that is my oppinion, for some I use spot and for some average, had no problems . Manual lenses are great fun :)  I also noticed, but will have to doublecheck, that it depends on F number set on adapter alone, eg if you are using 1.4 lens adapter should be set to 1.4...have seen minor changes in ev by doing that .

If other users figured out how to do it please share :) , but that would be awesome to have

Well, had 550d with ML, worked like a magic....
Now have 6D , so FF quality will keep me happy for some time untill ML comes out... ::)

One annoying thing for us who shoot with manual (m42 and such) lenses and also use Canon lenses in MF mode is that the IR red assist beam on Speedlites does not fire at all with any settings. Same is for Canon lenses when in MF mode. So stupid... I guess IR then lights up only when AF motor is running which makes no sense.
It would be great to make this IR red beam light up to support focus confirmation either with Canon lenses when set to MF or other manual lenses ( I have 3 versions of chipped adapters, EMF , Optix, no name so camera gets info that a lens is attached and gives AF confirm ) .

Dont you think so? Imho very useful feature, makes big difference. :o ;D
General Chat / Re: What camera are you running ML on?
November 02, 2012, 09:14:30 PM
Have 550D, plan to byu 5D mk2 or mk3
Thanks , I have v5+...will give it a try
Well Canon has managed somehow to screw with AF confirm chip-body comunication which means that no longer can you use m42 / other GREAT manual glass with adapters and AF confirm chips on new 5D mk3. You get ERROR 05 i think..

Now I WILL NOT buy MK3, I will buy MK2 instead or is there a way around that ?

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General Help Q&A / Re: Quickly taking HDR brackets?
August 03, 2012, 01:08:44 PM
Well, if I understood correctly (slim chance) you want those HDR brackets to shoot as quick as possible like you would shoot in burst mode ?
You should disable Autodetect and select number of shots you want.

I just checked it on my 550d , set to 5 shots x2EV holding it in my hand, I press shutter once and camere takes 5 shots as if I was holding the shutter fastest as possible and without delays.

I guess it made conflict with other options , 2 bad it was a time-saver.

Sorry to bother, but cant find option to remap A-Dep mode to Movie mode.
Also ISO+LV shortcut does not go to movie mode .