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This is my entry for sonys 2 minute film competition.

Shot with 5d3 RAW and the a7s. Graded in Davinci.

Please like and share to help me get through the first round of the competition.

Filmed on a combination of the 6D in h264 and the 5D3 RAW. Graded in Davinci used cinelog + Arri clog to rec709.
Thanks for the reply,

I tried adjusting the settings in camera raw. I made sure the white balance was correct, (i know davinci has standard preset of 6500k) I also think Davinci is just reading the metadata wrong but its been like this the whole time. The footage is also producing artefacts and noise very easily when pushed.

I was using RAWMAGIC for the MLVs but I have switched to MLVmystic as it seemed to produce a noticeably less noisy picture.

I just tried converting the DNGS in Lightroom to Tiffs and then putting them through Davinci. The weird pixels and over contrast is gone but obviously now i no longer have full control over the image in Davincis camera raw.

This is driving me crazy because from looking at workflow tutorials no one seems to have this problem and there footage despite being on REC709 looks well balanced and not crappy before colour/grading.

Right now it feels like I'm using BMD profile simply to SAVE the footage. I think something is wrong here but i can't work it out.

I should also note that i get same problem if recording in .RAW as well.
Hi there,

I am having a recurring problem when I import DNGS into Davinci Resolve.

The DNGS I importing are always showing up in Davinci heavily over contrasted and over saturated. However the strangest thing is the colours start to blend. Example The skin tones are stained by other colours in the image.

This is occurring in REC709.
I can obviously flatten the image with BMD colour space but I would like to know that the images are being imported probably to begin with.

This seems to be only a problem inside of Davinci as the DNGS look fine in Lightroom, After Effects and when i play them back in RAW VIEWER.

Any thoughts?

I am using 5D3 with Nightly.2014Aug07.5D3123
I have two Lexar 64gb 1066x CF cards and they work great. 25fps continuous recording and 50fps 1920 for 10 seconds.