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Quote from: Rewind
You know, this may be never happen.
Your position is strange to say at least. While you are waiting, we are shooting some nice deep-color detailed raw footage and make some killer vids.

Just a couple random screenshots from my tests:

This is how raw footage from 650D looks now.

By the way, 720p is continious, and even a little more, say 1312x736 records on my camera till the card is full.
With the latest SRM memory interface, we've got larger buffers, and now we can shoot nice cinemascope at say 1568x656 for about a minute before skipping, which is far then enough for almost any stage shots.

PDR tool works fine and treats the focusing pixels nicely, it preserves almost all perceptible detail, because important to our eyes green channel is untouched by pink dots.

 So what are you waiting for? Jump in!

Hi dude,

As I can see, there is LESS aliasing and moiré when shooting RAW with the latest build, right?
And sorry for being newbie at this, but what does SRM mean?

Thanks in advance!

Quote from: papkee
Really it's not that buggy and many of the features work without issue. You should be able to scrape by recording raw with 45Mb/s, and the pink dot issue can be mostly resolved by using a1ex's raw2dng tools that have been modded to work with 650D footage. See that thread here: (his tool starts around page 13 I believe)

Yes, I knew those tools and that one which does both the RAW to DNG conversion and the dot removal at the same time, but I think I would prefer to wait until this issue is solved "in-camera" in a future nightly build. Basically, to be sure the RAW files I get are as clean as possible, without any "tricks".


Hi guys, this is my first message on the forum, so hello everyone! :D

Well... I use a Canon 650D and I'm wondering how stable the actual build is. For what I've been reading here, it seems that there are still some issues while recording RAW video (the pink dots and some frame skipping with 720p @ 24fps RAW). The SD card I use is a 45mb/s 32Gb SanDisk Extreme.

What should I do?, wait for a less-buggy version or give it a try?
I've been waiting a lot for the final/stable version but I see that it's not going to be released in the near future (this summer) at least.

Thanks in advance.

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