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Hmm... I was hoping this had been fixed in 1.1.6 as it now checks that the xport path is valid. But I guess the problem must be caused by something else.

Could you find the ".mlrawviewer" folder in your user home directory, send me a copy of the folder and all the files in it (it's small).

Then you can delete the folder, and that will probably work around the problem so that it doesn't fail on exports.

Here you are:

Hi Baland

 Here is my issue, I some how lost functionality on export I've been using MlRawViewer since the first version and always use the E key to export I understand the new changes that were made in
MlRawViewer 1.1.5 like making sure to click the red button then press the E for export and it was working fine for about 10-15 few clips but now I get no response when trying it out any suggestions would be awesome. Ive re-downloaded MlRawViewer older 1.1.4 and get the same thing  :-\

Anyone  :-[

I have the same issue:(

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